Why is a baby in Simon Dominic's room? [Home Alone Ep 395]

2021. 05. 11.
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Home Alone is a reality show that portrays everyday lives of your favorite celebrities in the most intimate setting. The show invites the viewers to their homes, enabling them to closely observe their lives. From time to time, the stars of Home Alone have special gatherings as members of “Rainbow Club”, where each member is a friendly neighbor to one another as a fellow single dweller of the house. With Jun Hyun Moo, Park Na Rae, Han Hye Jin, and Lee Si Eon as the hosts, they observe the lives of celebrities with various occupations, including actors and actresses, top models, athletes, comedians, and so on. Although the gender, lifestyle, personality, and many other attributes are all different, they all have this one thing in common. It's that they all live alone.

GENRE: Variety
SUBTITLE: English, Portuguese
YEAR: 2017
MAIN CAST: Park Na Rae, Kian84, Sung Hoon, Lee Si Eon

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  • Wait so is it his sisters baby or sister inlaw making his brother the father?

    Multi StanMulti Stan10 시간 전
  • waiting for Chae On to be on SM AAHAHAHAHHA

    fantasy koalafantasy koala일 전
  • Beautiful 😍

    Elizabeth Jane FletcherElizabeth Jane Fletcher일 전
  • Please add Arabic translation

    neno Nonaneno Nona2 일 전
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Mhay Oh MhayMhay Oh Mhay2 일 전
  • احياناً يتمنى الفرد ان يصبح طفل

    sabaa aqeelsabaa aqeel2 일 전
  • Key: My agency is more like her I love him 😂

    zed.k.zed.k.3 일 전
  • That baby is soooo adorable. When she will grow up she'll be such a pretty girl.

    N SN S4 일 전
  • she's so gorgeous, I wonder what will be her future..🥰

    Minghan YoonxuMinghan Yoonxu4 일 전
  • ببكي احب سايمونننن وبنت اخوهه تجنننن كميه اللطافه الي فيها قتلتنييي

    spiderspider5 일 전
  • الحلققهه تجنننننن

    spiderspider5 일 전
  • everyone gangsta until they meet kids lolol

    Jihan HaryaniJihan Haryani5 일 전
  • SMEnt more great hahaha

    Elvin RahmaElvin Rahma6 일 전
  • Meanwhile me and my sis Mom:go wake your sister up My sis :throws me of the bed and if I go back to sleep pours cold water on me I probably deserved it though I do the same 😶😶

    Kim Woojin's ToothpickKim Woojin's Toothpick6 일 전
  • She is so beautiful

    President NamjoonPresident Namjoon6 일 전
  • She’s so pretty omg

    Milk TeaMilk Tea6 일 전
  • "she's more like us" XDDDD

    Habi JenHabi Jen6 일 전
  • that’s the most gorgeous baby I’ve ever seen

    hello I am under the waterhello I am under the water7 일 전
  • What a beautiful handsome loving man to take care of his knee so much and his family I'm impressed in WoW absolutely beautiful man

    katina franciskatina francis7 일 전
    • Who is the spirit has soul is absolutely amazing the beautiful light that shines around this man is just beautiful

      katina franciskatina francis7 일 전
    • oh he's so cute and handsome

      katina franciskatina francis7 일 전
  • Me, an 18 year old: *I wAnT a bAbY GiRl :'(*

    AnushkaAnushka7 일 전
  • The pale sound microcephaly communicate because goldfish proportionately file in a plastic salary. dashing, blue-eyed wallaby

    김김태경김김태경8 일 전
  • Oh my god she is really pretty.

    Shaun BangShaun Bang8 일 전
  • First mistake is...when u wake up chae" when she still want sleep...🤣🤣🤣..but SD so lovely guy who love he family so much....

    Novijani DoankNovijani Doank8 일 전
  • Simon really adores and cares about his Cute niece

    Jim ashJim ash9 일 전
  • Me who yells at my sister to wake up lol

    Nicia GihozoNicia Gihozo10 일 전
  • So....is he in need of another niece?

    MrLOLKuroMrLOLKuro10 일 전

    제영 티하 청제영 티하 청10 일 전
  • Someone give Simon a kid cause this cute asf 🥺

    Annamarie JonesAnnamarie Jones11 일 전
  • Their family's genes are superior! 👏😍

    Click clack, bada bing, bada boomClick clack, bada bing, bada boom11 일 전
  • key know the standard to be part of sm entertainment when she said "she's more like us".. sm is visual store😌

    Nurul Fatiha FadzelNurul Fatiha Fadzel11 일 전
  • Uncle Ssam D😭 he is so good with kids esp his niece uwu

    Nan JowanNan Jowan11 일 전
  • She is so beautiful 🤩 like Simon

    루바루바루바루바12 일 전
  • owww so sweet

    Autumn leavesAutumn leaves12 일 전
  • I AM DEAAAAD Key really said “ why don’t she join us SM entertainment? She’s more like us” WOOOOW We stan a king that knows his agency is home of visuals 😂😂

    Gimme GimmeGimme Gimme12 일 전
  • The cut ophthalmologist rhetorically load because lead noticeably care after a hushed collar. acoustic, therapeutic accordion

    김김태경김김태경13 일 전
  • Key is totally me wanting rich uncle 😂

    Anur Quratul AiniAnur Quratul Aini14 일 전
  • Akhirnya ada simon lagi asksks , ad yang tau kenapa vidio yang ada simon dominicnya duku di apus ?

    azzah divannyazzah divanny14 일 전
  • 3:57 the way in which she says "eomma", the yearn in that adorable voice of hers breaks my heart. She is so damn precious 😭💔

    Joon Hopes Chim ate Jin's Kookie n Tae with SugaJoon Hopes Chim ate Jin's Kookie n Tae with Suga15 일 전
  • *who watched this weeks ago and now officially obsess with Simon dominic?*

    私はあなたが欲しいです私はあなたが欲しいです16 일 전
  • She gives me Tzuyu and NingNing vibes even tho she isn't chinese

    SasaSasa16 일 전
  • That is a damn pretty baby. Her visuals are on point.

    Whatever EstherWhatever Esther17 일 전
  • Imagine your family isn't toxic and is actually loving. What a big flex y'all

    summersummer17 일 전
  • Ok, but can we all just take a minute to appreciate the fact that Simon is proudly donning a *STOP ASIAN HATE* t-shirt on national tv? Ik it's noting big but the gesture means so so much. Kudos to you my man, you have all my respect for that simple act! Hats off to you my boy!!

    Moon SHINee WaltzMoon SHINee Waltz18 일 전
  • SM artists do be recruiting talents well its normal

    Cheese friesCheese fries18 일 전
  • 4:25 Ain't no way we bout to get that baby locked up in SM's basement 💀

    lyn Landlyn Land18 일 전
  • not me just watching this and wandering when will exols get chen and his daughter episode lol

    dhuhadhuha19 일 전
  • The. Way. He. Talks. Aaaaaaaah whyyy

    Asma IsmailAsma Ismail20 일 전
  • Key; she’s more like us which means she is breathtakingly beautiful and will go with sm concept,not the hiphop vibe of aomg I see what you did there key 😂

    HopefulKarmaHopefulKarma20 일 전
  • Simon D, its time for us to have a family😂 HUSBAND MATERIAL RIGHT THERE

    alec zannyalec zanny20 일 전
  • Plz someone tell me the exact ep number I searched for 395 but it's not that Plz help

    Aleema FatimaAleema Fatima21 일 전
  • หลานน่ารักมากกก

    Good MoodGood Mood23 일 전
  • 5k on her birthday please

    Regina T.Regina T.23 일 전
  • where can i watch the whole episode?

    Yara HamidYara Hamid23 일 전
  • She’s a cute baby

    True LoveTrue Love24 일 전
  • S I M O N D O M I N I C

    ohooho24 일 전
  • Bibit unggul 😂 SM gua yakin udah pernah coba ngerekrut tapi kayanya gagal soalnya paman nya punya jabatan di agensi lain jadi dia santai 😎

    diah yoonadiah yoona25 일 전
  • I want to be THAT LEVEL OF UNCLE 😂

    Maja DitoMaja Dito25 일 전
  • Key will be the next SM CEO 😂😂

    Khansa NazlaKhansa Nazla26 일 전
  • The unhealthy needle happily bathe because rule molecularly embarrass lest a debonair chive. valuable, savory musician

    Hayden HannahHayden Hannah26 일 전
  • Anyone know where to watch the full episode, I searched everywhere 395 isn't the episode

    Stan staNStan staN26 일 전
  • Aceita ser o pai dos meus filhos? 💍

    LuluLulu26 일 전
  • I think it's disgusting how they talk about a child, I know they only mean good by it, but it is disgusting.

    MaLu MadiMaLu Madi27 일 전
  • Simon D and a baby girl. My ovaries 🥰😣😖

    Shikha SureshShikha Suresh28 일 전
  • She's very beautiful, she should try modelling❤️

    Afreen KAfreen K28 일 전
  • She's more like us 😂😂😂

    Ndxx MXNdxx MX28 일 전
  • She is a beauty

    SolangeSolange29 일 전
  • She resembles her uncle

    Kim Choon- HeeKim Choon- Hee29 일 전
  • i want to have his babies so bad

    SashaxBelleSashaxBelle29 일 전
  • Fbvrvbdebbbeveevev

    Sisna OmellSisna Omell29 일 전
  • Pa cuando tu hijo akdjsmdbs

    Erika MenesesErika Meneses29 일 전
  • HAHHH SM ...baby run

    Zen KazenoZen Kazeno개월 전
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤐

    Ruth SanzRuth Sanz개월 전
  • His niece doesn't look like him, he looks like her

    Fullsunflower .CFullsunflower .C개월 전
  • When I saw her literally she really reminded me of Jennie 😍😅💙

    11 D Simran11 D Simran개월 전
  • i watch Ssam D's I Live Alone clips with Chae Chae everyday to comfort myself

    A BA B개월 전
  • i bet her mom took the money after he left 😂😂😂

    Okay. BenithaOkay. Benitha개월 전
  • 3:20 stan his shirt

    Atixny.jxnghoAtixny.jxngho개월 전
  • okay wtf ??!! lemme marry simon dominic then !! sir you melt my heart !!

    amirra rohaizadamirra rohaizad개월 전
  • Key asking her to join SM when he damn well knows he'll leave it if anything happens to Shinee

    IthsimIthsim개월 전
    • @Moon SHINee Waltz Amen to that. I'd fully support BumKeyK Ent.

      IthsimIthsim18 일 전
    • Well, he did say that he has his eyes on taking over SM & wants to hear Soo Man say, "SM is now all yours." And when the almighty Key sets his eyes on something, he *gets it.* So yeah, maybe in the near future it'll be BumKeyK Ent. and SHINee & all the other artists will be treated with the respect they deserve lmao XD

      Moon SHINee WaltzMoon SHINee Waltz18 일 전
  • Random question but who is the guy in the right corner

    cupof• ͭ ͣ ͤcupof• ͭ ͣ ͤ개월 전
  • If she actually join any agency I’d be happy for her but she’s still young, being in the spotlight might not be too good for her

    No JamsNo Jams개월 전
  • My brother is the same way with my baby.

    Kuna BubblesKuna Bubbles개월 전
  • Simon?? 😍

    Nn3kaNn3ka개월 전
  • Chea chea is really cute

    Mai NguyenMai Nguyen개월 전
  • When Simon Dominic said, “You’ll see how pretty she is,” he almost looked and sounded like a talent manager for a rising child star lol

    Bella WangBella Wang개월 전
  • Me as an exol: no please don’t join Sm 😂😂

    allegro _exolallegro _exol개월 전
    • @Moon SHINee Waltz oh if that’s the prediction I want than ok hahaha

      allegro _exolallegro _exol18 일 전
    • Hopefully by the time she's older and wants to join, SM will be taken over by Suho & Key & Johnny and all their artist will be treated wayyy better lol 😂

      Moon SHINee WaltzMoon SHINee Waltz18 일 전
  • My mom gonna nag me if I did that to my niece or my child or my younger sibling. She will say, it's not a right time, because once they are grown up they probably want more.

    Jas MinJas Min개월 전
  • I'm literally str$eaming this video chae chae and simon are just too cuteeeee!!!

    aseel LLL2aseel LLL2개월 전
  • She's so gorgeous, can't take my eyes off of her

    AmeAme개월 전
  • I call her kkuljangie, I literaly witness her growing since she was born, I've been following her mom on IG and she's so nice and pretty😍💕

    I'm OkayI'm Okay개월 전
  • "She is more like us" LOL 🤣 But yeah, its true. She has SM's beautiful standar😅

    Nathan ChaNathan Cha개월 전
  • Kati ramrii🥺💗💗

    JK VJK V개월 전
  • Ia that a baby?

    SysAd_SecSysAd_Sec개월 전
  • Lui dolcissimo....la bimba BELLISSIMA❤

    Consuelo TusconiConsuelo Tusconi개월 전
  • I swear, men taking care of kids is the most charming thing ever

    まさみまさみ개월 전
  • Is that his daughter ?

    Polly YeanPolly Yean개월 전
    • Nope, she's his niece!

      수지suzi수지suzi개월 전
  • why His niece look like little Rose 😍so cute baby 💕

    Sumi GurungSumi Gurung개월 전
  • 사랑해..'❤❤❤ 원어스 블랙 미러 .. 가서 확인 해봐 ......너무 놀랍다..후회하지 않을거야 for michael jackson lovers check out (black mirror)

    rubi usrubi us개월 전
  • Simon with his niece 🥺😭😭😭❤️

    Johannamarie ReyesJohannamarie Reyes개월 전
  • Sam D is so ready to be a good husband and father.. Too bad he still want to focus on his job as of now.

    Yummy MellonYummy Mellon개월 전