Unbelievable 3:3 Blind Date with High School Students Wearing Masks

2021. 04. 14.
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Who are the good-looking boys and girls hidden behind masks?
Unexpected \u0026 unexpected!!

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  • [instagram ID] Boy1 @j.gi03 Boy2 @hyeon_zz03 Boy3 @silverjooon Girl1 @jin_selim_ Girl2 @seungacloud Girl3 @y.ellia [출연진 모집] !!NEW룩개팅의 새로운 콘텐츠에 출연하실 분들을 모집합니다!!(ex 음식, 신발, 게임 등 다양한 특징을 가지신 분!(혹은 쌩얼 공개가능하신 분)) 더욱 다양한 콘텐츠들을 보여줄 예정이니 많은 지원 바랍니다 나이/키/연락처/인스타그램 아이디(없으면 자동탈락)/무보정 사진/ 평소패션스타일 / 평소 성격을 적어 lookdate@naver.com으로 보내주세용!

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    • hyeon look a like jongwoo treasure and woojin ex stray kids mix

      Farqi HaqiFarqi Haqi개월 전
  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    маймалмаймал7 일 전
  • When the first boy said with dimple my mind change into Namjoon😌✨

    Fashihah _.Fashihah _.7 일 전
  • Омг, они такие клёвые😭😭😭😭😭

    not your nunanot your nuna11 일 전
  • Why people are behind looks is that what really matters in a relationship its just judging a book by its cover

    Hanan AslamHanan Aslam12 일 전
  • I don't understand what is this but love your channel

  • Third or first guy: wearing the printed mask Me: No way thats Nam joo hyuk 😳 THATS NAM JOO HYUK

    𝕌𝑤𝕌𝕌𝑤𝕌13 일 전
  • Soy adicta a estos vídeos

    Mei Nicole 。Mei Nicole 。16 일 전

    YooitsJaneYooitsJane20 일 전
  • Bro i know whose mouth and lips are in these masks, am I the only one? Most of them are kpop groups or actors

    A. HA. H20 일 전
  • omg i hear iz*one Violet a

    ghevira alviani kamilaghevira alviani kamila20 일 전
  • Second girl has Aisha EVERGLOW eyes

    Be MY æswitzyBe MY æswitzy21 일 전
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    Светлана ЛисицынаСветлана Лисицына21 일 전
  • Yesss my couples got picked!!! 🥰

    J PJ P21 일 전
  • The hurt kamikaze sequently guide because pediatrician surprisingly appreciate circa a hideous high justice. hysterical, dramatic bankbook

    Светлана ЛисицынаСветлана Лисицына24 일 전
  • omg i knew it was minas face esp realized when she put it on she looked similar to Mina lollll

    Nako_HitomiNako_Hitomi28 일 전
  • The girl in thumbnail looks like seo ye ji

    Ot6 stanOt6 stan개월 전
  • 2:56 song kang

    Bere y Nic Saenz AvilaBere y Nic Saenz Avila개월 전
  • Я ничего не понимаю,но интересно😂

    Esdeath TwoEsdeath Two개월 전
  • As soon as I saw the mole on the nose I knew it was TWICE's Mina♡

    timone 15timone 15개월 전
  • 둥근 코가 귀여운 것 같아요!

    Minsoo LeeMinsoo Lee개월 전
  • Lmao i recognized nam joo hyuk, mina, and joy's faces on the masks 🤣

    RanRan개월 전
  • Is the third guy or third girl always getting no matches or gets unflattering comments in this series?

    MayhemMayhem개월 전
  • The eight shell evolutionarily shrug because action only paddle next a massive interest. long-term, industrious random

    Ton Cam HuongTon Cam Huong개월 전

    MacydvhMacydvh개월 전
  • It's easy to tell the faces of koreams

    Weirddeo449Weirddeo449개월 전
  • Desde que vi la máscara, dije: el de la máscara es Nam Juhyeok!!!!!!!😊😂 Lo conozco bien😎, seria imposible que no reconociera a mi novio🥺💜🤧

    carmen carranzacarmen carranza개월 전
  • The first girl had a voice like Rose Black Pink

    Naila ANaila A개월 전
  • I love the editing when they introduce themselves lol

    yourfavbrat Zyourfavbrat Z개월 전
  • omg boy 1 and girl 1 are still together!

    Adriana ChenAdriana Chen개월 전
  • 제목부터 출연자들 엿먹이네..ㅋㅋ마기꾼은 왜집어넣음?

    김하린김하린개월 전
  • Ini emang Title nya Pake Bahasa indo ya

  • The girl with the round nose is cute. I like her nose. Wish she didn’t feel like she needed to hide it

    Navier Ma’s YouTube ChannelNavier Ma’s YouTube Channel개월 전
  • I would like to recommend a friend who's a split image of Park Bo Young. LoL if he's into older girl.

    ImarImar개월 전
  • 7:48 Kang Daniel??!

    Maulidya PuteriMaulidya Puteri개월 전
  • In the lower face one i recognized some idols of my fav groups and actors: 1.Sun-oh (Love Alarm) 2:54 2.Mina(Twice) 3:43 3.Joy(Red Velvet) 3:47 4. Nam Do San(Start Up) 3:12 + I didnt see the end of the vid and ans it😁 Im a fan of Twice and RV and i watched Love Alarm and Start Up few days ago tahts why hehe

    TwicePinkTwicePink개월 전
    • Their real names arr Song Kang anf Nam Joohyuk

      Yuta's 0 Mile fancamYuta's 0 Mile fancam개월 전
  • The first paired couple look so cute together 😊

    EstherEsther개월 전
  • Yeah! Another thumbnail caught my eyes.

    Sherwin dale OlitSherwin dale Olit개월 전
  • the mask for boy 1 was so obviously nam jo hyuk's face lol

    S AS A개월 전
  • I can't believe Honey Drop instrumental was used in this video 😆😆😆😆💕 Pentagon World Domination 💖💙💜

    JonithJonith2 개월 전
  • 👀

    Sheyli :3Sheyli :32 개월 전
  • Türkish subtitles pls

    ufuk örenufuk ören2 개월 전
  • I know immediately that the mask face with mole on nose is mina’s. Lol. She has such an attractive nose

    Celia CiaCelia Cia2 개월 전
  • The first girl reminds me of Jang Gyuri, so cute

    Lockhart _Lockhart _2 개월 전
  • The second guy is the most handsome 😭 poor him being single

    Lockhart _Lockhart _2 개월 전

    sunwoo lomlsunwoo loml2 개월 전
    • İ was looking for this comment

      reddishhy luviereddishhy luvie25 일 전
  • First girl looks like Gyuri from fromis_9!!

    ᅳ2 개월 전
  • My fav from boy is boy #3 and from girl is girl #2

    Arra AteeykaArra Ateeyka2 개월 전
  • I knew that was Mina's face on the mask

    Arra AteeykaArra Ateeyka2 개월 전
  • 이 이벤트가 정말 좋아요

    Nurul IstiqamahNurul Istiqamah2 개월 전
  • 12:03 귀여우심ㅋㅋㅋ

    김은비김은비2 개월 전
  • They did him dirty by comparing him to a titan 😭😭

    Ashley AAshley A2 개월 전
  • Why you put the same video?

    MimiMimi2 개월 전
  • That guy who said he looked at personality... then proceeded to say Kim Taehee! 🤣

    ppjskhppjskh2 개월 전
  • now I feel insecure without a mask

    YAINYAIN2 개월 전
  • Amo amo amo

    Jenn JennJenn Jenn2 개월 전
  • i- no se parece nada a cha eunwoo wtf 😭👍

    ༺a n n i e༻༺a n n i e༻2 개월 전
    • Quede decepcionada pero tiene una buena personalidad ✨

      Cielo Claudia Abantoo GoycocheaCielo Claudia Abantoo Goycochea개월 전
  • y’a pas traduction français ihhh

    apaise ton cœurapaise ton cœur2 개월 전
  • I like the girl #2, I like how she looks

    아드리엔19아드리엔192 개월 전
  • 10:10 yessir play violeta sir

    ahnyuj1nsluvahnyuj1nsluv2 개월 전
  • I wheezed when the girls chose Nam Joohyuks lower face on one of the boys 😂😂😂

    YoonanamilkYoonanamilk2 개월 전
  • i think boy #3 has eyes that kinda looks like minhos eyes from SHINee

    kookbaringkookbaring2 개월 전
  • Kk

    D. AlmeidaD. Almeida2 개월 전
  • I died at 8:21

    FroppyFroppy2 개월 전
  • I saw girl number 3 in several angles similar to Jiheon fromis 9 when she was wearing a mask

    fr ozfr oz2 개월 전
  • How did i know that was Minas face-

    Rosie CantuRosie Cantu2 개월 전
  • 4:31 la parte de abajo es de Mina pero siento que si los juntas se ve muy parecida a Mina

    Moonbyul's wifeMoonbyul's wife2 개월 전
  • How did I know that one mask was nam joohyuk lmaoo

    MSP caramelMSP caramel2 개월 전
  • Hahahaha I love it. 乁༼☯‿☯✿༽ㄏ

    Leik ෆLeik ෆ2 개월 전
  • Bellos 😄

    Leslie GHLeslie GH2 개월 전
  • 10:55 음악 제목이 뭔가요?ㅜ

    김신우김신우2 개월 전
  • Boy number two looks like former member of skz woojin. 🤧

    Tricia BernalesTricia Bernales2 개월 전
    • @kimchi_hime i’m sorry, i just read it again cuz i had misread the comment and english it’s not my first language sooo my bad

      ༺a n n i e༻༺a n n i e༻2 개월 전
    • @༺a n n i e༻ they iterally said former member of straykids....i think they know that

      kimchi_himekimchi_hime2 개월 전
  • Mdr

    Juliana MiraJuliana Mira2 개월 전
  • 03:56 anyone know the background song pls

    chanieeechanieee2 개월 전
  • this is what eat in a day watching this kind of content😁😂🙏

    KazxardKazxard2 개월 전
  • i know that the masker is mina face😂

    yourfayourfa2 개월 전

    shi- uzkashi- uzka2 개월 전
  • 2:31 wait why does the eyes of 1,2 and 3 match for both genders lol and 3 looks like 1 with bigger eyes for both genders too

    PipaPlaysPipaPlays2 개월 전
  • ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ 😅

    Navadila UmalekoaNavadila Umalekoa2 개월 전
  • Me gusto ls presentaciones 😎👏🥛

    Frank AinsworthFrank Ainsworth2 개월 전
  • 12:04 I don't know what they are doing but that was CUTE

    Holding hands makes yoongi happyHolding hands makes yoongi happy2 개월 전
    • Armyy

      Shivani rawatShivani rawat2 개월 전

    sanawomanizersanawomanizer2 개월 전
  • Number 1 was the prettiest they did her wrong 😑

    Kyrsten PaigeKyrsten Paige2 개월 전
  • Korean are so toxic regarding aesthetic appearance Must be hard

    Chiara FogliaChiara Foglia2 개월 전
    • Someone finally said it omg

      Imani DImani D2 개월 전
  • they were really comparing him to the titan that ate Eren's mom ... cultured people I see

    CarolinCarolin2 개월 전
    • 😭✋

      kirsten aspiraskirsten aspiras20 일 전
    • @Abi •_• 12:18

      CarolinCarolin2 개월 전
    • Whenn?

      Abi •_•Abi •_•2 개월 전
  • 눈만보고 치즈필름 하기님인줄 알았어요ㅠ

    연두`연두`2 개월 전
  • The masks are so funny. İ cant watch because im laugh

    Eso yaloEso yalo2 개월 전
  • 이거 재업로드한거맞죠

    기모띠기모띠2 개월 전
  • Isn’t this a reupload?

    CL LCL L2 개월 전
  • please make Russian subtitles

    kinderixakinderixa2 개월 전
  • Geez number 1 boy is damn boyfriend material

    Rena NekoRena Neko2 개월 전
  • is it just me or does the 3rd girl look like SUNMI??? she's the one who wears the black dress

    lunaluna2 개월 전
  • hiii. can someone tell me the title of the song played when couple #3 were revealed??

    katto chankatto chan2 개월 전
    • Hi👋I just found the name of the song. It's "Lioness by DayFox" 💗

      JonithJonith2 개월 전
  • 💐💐💐💐

    Khaila Mariz TriaKhaila Mariz Tria2 개월 전
  • 12:19 Oh! a fan of Shingeki no Kyojin ? Hi, nice to meet you 🤭

    Coline Clodine-FlorentColine Clodine-Florent2 개월 전
    • Why don’t you just say attack on Titan🧍🏻‍♀️

      Añexa OsavasAñexa Osavas개월 전
  • 뒤쪽 브금제목이 무엇인가요?

    다윗다윗2 개월 전
  • I love this channel 😸

    Nora evangelina Ocañas reyesNora evangelina Ocañas reyes2 개월 전
  • I see mina, joy, nam joo hyuk face

    Judeza Jaira LabadanJudeza Jaira Labadan2 개월 전
    • Same lol

      ᅳ2 개월 전
    • 3:52 number 6 is joy?

      Hikara erLHikara erL2 개월 전
  • The smiling masks are always my favorite🤣💗

    momoriemomorie2 개월 전
  • hooray, finally there is the Indonesian subtitles, I've been waiting for it for a long time! , I really like your video ♡♡

    ImlddmyntImlddmynt2 개월 전