Skyblock: The Great Potato War

2019. 11. 13.
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absolutely obliterating my career by going on hiatus for a month just to ruin one guy's day specifically
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"Comin Round the Mountain" by Kevin MacLeod (
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    im a squid kidim a squid kid년 전
    • Loloolol

      Max WuMax Wu3 일 전
    • L

      eg bandit broeg bandit bro20 일 전
    • L

      DeltrDeltr26 일 전
    • Oop-

      Dahna JimenezDahna Jimenez개월 전
    • NO HE BETTER than you LOL

      Nikki PayneNikki Payne2 개월 전
  • Potato boi potato boi

    Rebekah RiznerRebekah Rizner3 분 전
  • he went to far

    IrllywantamintIrllywantamint23 분 전
  • I don’t know how many time did technoblade said potato

    Zoriel LoperenaZoriel Loperena시간 전
  • "But if Hypixel has taught me anything, whenever you have a problem, the answer, IS SLAVERY" Very true.

    ContinentalArtContinentalArt2 시간 전
  • The real point of the video is to be the number in jerry farmer

    bdorsey19bdorsey192 시간 전

    Azwad SifatAzwad Sifat3 시간 전

    Azwad SifatAzwad Sifat3 시간 전

    Azwad SifatAzwad Sifat3 시간 전
  • Get rekt

    ftdgfg fvfbcxcftdgfg fvfbcxc3 시간 전
  • i think squid kid made a vid about u afking on his island its caled it the mystery of whitelisted

    Jason(Jason) SkelcherJason(Jason) Skelcher5 시간 전
  • How do u aim so well ?

  • techno isnt a english major.. he is a potato major

    duckie gamingduckie gaming7 시간 전
  • I love potatoes

    mama_ toastmama_ toast8 시간 전
  • *i dropped out of college for this* Damn cool story bro

    EmmaDaOneEmmaDaOne9 시간 전
  • Is he still #1?

    Yukino RoseYukino Rose9 시간 전

    Azwad SifatAzwad Sifat10 시간 전
  • Dream smp: WAR Meanwhile techno: POTATOES

    Alice Yenz GandsonAlice Yenz Gandson10 시간 전
  • Potato

    Potato the ankylosaurusPotato the ankylosaurus11 시간 전
  • E

    TankmanTankman11 시간 전
  • P O T A T O

    Max WilkieMax Wilkie12 시간 전
    • Yes

      Potato the ankylosaurusPotato the ankylosaurus11 시간 전
  • techno in a summary: (loads gun) where is your potato storage

    JJ 64JJ 6412 시간 전
  • Can’t stop rewaching this idk why

    ItsRexy-minecraftItsRexy-minecraft12 시간 전
  • The encouraging semicolon superfamily hate because headlight ontogenically suffer through a natural united kingdom. previous, automatic badge

    kurtis vonerkurtis voner12 시간 전
  • Jerry SUS

    Damián RulíkDamián Rulík13 시간 전
  • E

    curiositycuriosity13 시간 전
  • He always says a hilarious joke every episode that get me

    Charless JonesCharless Jones13 시간 전
  • Wait Techno is a pig but he likes potatoes over carrots

    Eduard SenalEduard Senal14 시간 전
  • Techno, what is the way of the potato? Tell me

    Amog usAmog us15 시간 전
  • for 6 months, i have been asking my older sister who has no interest in minecraft or in watching mc streamers to watch the potato war series and today, i finally succeeded. SHE LOVED IT AND IS NOW SUBSCRIBED TO YOU and said that you'll probably the only mcyt she'll watch.

    Luna ALuna A16 시간 전
  • This is why the Irish has a potato famine

    GirlOf TheMoonGirlOf TheMoon16 시간 전
  • hi

    CA$H PLAY$CA$H PLAY$17 시간 전
  • CHILD: you ruined my life this is all I have TECHNOBLADE: Lol hahahaha

    ethan austinethan austin17 시간 전
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    Mike CoulsonMike Coulson17 시간 전
  • Potadome

    Jax LabJax Lab19 시간 전
  • should have said patatome

    asdcoolotasdcoolot20 시간 전
  • The squalid hydrofoil ignificantly boast because dog intraperitonally squash of a two zoology. defective, periodic result

    mario yumario yu20 시간 전
  • This should either be an autobiography or an animation on KOfund. You pick.

    X ClassifiedX Classified21 시간 전
  • The Russian army is gonna raid techno’s house for the potatoes

  • Potatoblade never loses his potatoes

    Hell RazorHell Razor21 시간 전
  • guys can u sub to Mr Squigle1337 if he gets to 4k todays stream he will clear his stream

    CloudCloud21 시간 전
  • hi i have java minecraft but idk where you found sky block oof

    Vanessa ConstantiVanessa Constanti22 시간 전
  • Imagine starting a war cuz u needed hot potato books

    Deal_With_ MasonDeal_With_ Mason22 시간 전
  • Techno’s gasp is the best thing ever

    Seafoam ShoresSeafoam Shores22 시간 전
  • I love this

    WavesWaves22 시간 전
  • think about technoblade banned from hypixel because he is there too long every day

    aras cihanaras cihan22 시간 전
  • He outbid Sparkofpheonix at one of the supercompactors

    #MeLoNarXo##MeLoNarXo#23 시간 전
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    fabian nivalafabian nivala23 시간 전
  • I am happy someone else likes potatos my friends think im going crazy because all i eat in minecraft are potatos

    Tyler FoxTyler Fox일 전
  • *J£rr¥*

    Stacey RangelStacey Rangel일 전
  • At 1:43 why does he have 400,000 dollars in his purse.

    CharliePCharlieP일 전
    • It’s more than I have in my bank

      CharliePCharlieP일 전
  • 2:28

    Stacey RangelStacey Rangel일 전
  • wait that's iillegal

    Matthew MaldonadoMatthew Maldonado일 전
  • “If hypixel has taught me anything, it’s that if you have a problem, the answer.. SLAVERY” that caught me off guard a bit 😂😂😂 Didn’t stop laughing for a few minutes. Still don’t know why. (Edit) I mean, this video is full of techno-memes, so that would be why I laughed more than I have in my entire life.

    Whatnot AnimationsWhatnot Animations일 전
  • Fortunately I had a couple HAS A WHOEL CHEST FULL 😂😂😂😂

    Oli OT proOli OT pro일 전
  • watching for 4th time

    OkidokiOkidoki일 전
  • "I can tryhard ANY GAME!" -Technoblade

    qwerty azertyqwerty azerty일 전
  • Go to 17:38 OH NO JERRY

    Kee HaKee Ha일 전
  • He is an mad man

    MaS MagaMaS Maga일 전

  • Techno: I cant go that long to upload, my fans will murder me! JonTron: Well shit!

    LuckyDuck YTLuckyDuck YT일 전
  • no you are squid kid

    Griffin WayGriffin Way일 전
  • The Steve has appeared.

    Woe_bigE EWoe_bigE E일 전
  • PDOME!!!!!!!!!!

    Elijah PowellElijah Powell일 전
  • I like patatos

    Shane VaccaroShane Vaccaro일 전
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    mike larrymike larry일 전
  • the jerry army is coming 4 u techno

    Hen0bot XHen0bot X일 전
  • The snobbish governor histopathologically whisper because engineer enzymatically mug absent a rotten mark. halting, strong library

    Marrt MandolaMarrt Mandola일 전
  • hi Techno

    Jackie PineiroJackie Pineiro일 전
  • "im having fun" "I dropped out of college for this 😃" yea im glad.

    Sofia CastroSofia Castro일 전
  • Squid kid suck I asked him how I could get better at doing Minecraft streams on a live stream of his and he took that as self promo and banned me from his stream so ya ,f#$k you squid kid

    MysticalsssMysticalsss일 전
    • @Mysticalsss wel how did u ask him?

      kentang yang bahagiakentang yang bahagia일 전
    • @kentang yang bahagia I’m still banned in his chat

      MysticalsssMysticalsss일 전
    • If u do then u r an idiot

      kentang yang bahagiakentang yang bahagia일 전
    • Do you think hes serious?

      kentang yang bahagiakentang yang bahagia일 전
    • I feel like you are lying but also what youtuber doesnt do self promo ya dingus

      I will Defeat everyoneI will Defeat everyone일 전
  • This is the greatest anime of all time.

    Chris DuskChris Dusk일 전
  • what's a potato?

    DvizDviz일 전
  • Wtf is that laugh

    trashcandarreltrashcandarrel일 전
  • I love ruining people’s lives but you are a god at it

    Jade SaavedraJade Saavedra일 전
  • “My mechanations are undetected”

    Jade SaavedraJade Saavedra일 전
  • P A T A T O S

    sharon woolstonsharon woolston2 일 전
  • Pigs are better the that green blob

    T I N AT I N A2 일 전
  • I have watched this like 40 times and am still entertained

    CommanderfozCommanderfoz2 일 전
  • Potato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Manfo GamingManfo Gaming2 일 전
  • You the best

    Dragon MoewDragon Moew2 일 전
  • there's a reason why you are the leader of the resistance

    Gyro GisGyro Gis2 일 전
  • Technos new Hypixel nickname should be Potato God.

    Tory WindsearTory Windsear2 일 전
  • you are me when i eat 20 pounds of candy XDD

    be careful {yt}be careful {yt}2 일 전
  • Irish laughter intensifies

    impimp2 일 전
  • Somebody plz count how many times he says 'potatoes' XD

    Egor EmelyanovEgor Emelyanov2 일 전
  • I'm new hi

    PopeyePopeye2 일 전
  • Plot twist: The Jerries are actually AFK’ing and working for Squid Kid.

    Neon [Is new to the human world] [maxed out]Neon [Is new to the human world] [maxed out]2 일 전
  • u grind so much

    Kevin WhiteKevin White2 일 전
  • Subscribe to technoblade

    Rose FieldzzRose Fieldzz2 일 전
  • he did profit because the crown and stuff will go for 1 bil

    CaplzCaplz2 일 전
    • The crown is being watched for. And most are asking like 5 billion coins for it

      better dreambetter dream일 전
  • Is hi pixel only on pc?

    dark_knightdark_knight2 일 전
  • F in the chat for squidkid

    Manya BavishiManya Bavishi2 일 전
  • 18:02 that scared me keep watching to end Jk

    M Plays YTM Plays YT2 일 전
  • Gg on the win

    Erin FerrellErin Ferrell2 일 전
  • Bop more crystals

    M Plays YTM Plays YT2 일 전
  • Take my subscription, my potato king.

    ShadowWolf1006ShadowWolf10062 일 전
  • names noted ...hahahah

    hoot skihoot ski2 일 전
  • The Irish potato famine joke..idk how to feel about it, was it to soon??

    North StarNorth Star2 일 전
  • 16:52 So, is no one gonna talk about how Techno got stuck in a hole during his moment of triumph, and squid had to trade him a magical soup?

    Delta StudiosDelta Studios2 일 전