Samsung Galaxy sound effect (acapella)

2021. 02. 20.
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Samsung Galaxy sound effect (acapella)
Music arranged by Maytree
Video directed by Napkins music

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  • best ringtones I've ever heard..

    Khurram ShahzadKhurram Shahzad28 분 전
  • nhìn cứ sao sao á tr

    Hoang Hiep TaHoang Hiep Ta47 분 전
  • at this rate iam gonna use their voice for my ringtone So Lovely !

    Rose ValeRose Vale54 분 전
  • Say something samsung!

    TH OhTH Oh시간 전
  • S4 and S7 were my favorites.

    chrisgurl30chrisgurl30시간 전
  • The S6 and S9 one is so good 😫

    janna. evjanna. ev시간 전
  • Wow! this is cool and pleasing to the ears. I was also inspired to make calm instrumental music to Samsung and Apple ringtone sounds.

    Salm CalmSalm Calm2 시간 전
  • 너무 좋아요

    모모모모3 시간 전
  • 0:53 bro that is my samsung galaxy a10 ringtone I honestly hate it

    Stemen Stickman 20-21Stemen Stickman 20-213 시간 전
  • Samsung might suck but the ringtones and sounds are angelic

    Luchia GherardiLuchia Gherardi3 시간 전
  • galaxy s6 is beautiful love it♥︎♥︎♥︎✔︎

  • Sounds so beautiful the fuck-?!?

    Emo BoyEmo Boy5 시간 전
  • They were on tiktok

    Keeva BowmanKeeva Bowman5 시간 전
  • great ;D

    ATV Wild GoatsATV Wild Goats5 시간 전
  • Oh my god the S6!! It was so angelic

    Souly manSouly man5 시간 전
  • Nokia?

    Embu UlanEmbu Ulan5 시간 전
  • These people are Cartoon 😂😂

  • 0:52 Indeed my ringtone

    321 Dustybin321 Dustybin7 시간 전
  • 0:42 this sounds perfect

    Drone WarsシDrone Warsシ7 시간 전

      Drone WarsシDrone Warsシ7 시간 전
  • Lyrics: -BHMMMMMMDMMTSSBMM -Dongdingdandindong -h m m m m m m m m m m m -beep -heeeeeeeuuuuuuuuw -HaaaaaAaAaAaaaAaa -eeeeEeeeeEeeeeeEeeeE -ahh ahh ahh tska ahh ahh

    Spicy_ House69Spicy_ House697 시간 전
  • And galaxy S20 and S21?

    Dylan CabreraDylan Cabrera7 시간 전
  • Love it

    MROYAL96 YTMROYAL96 YT8 시간 전
  • Samsam

    Marcostacos78 LoquendoMarcostacos78 Loquendo8 시간 전
  • 0:02 can I have 10 hours of this 💩💩💩💩💩

    usefull gamer 584 gamingusefull gamer 584 gaming8 시간 전
  • 0:31 my brothers phone

    usefull gamer 584 gamingusefull gamer 584 gaming8 시간 전
  • the girl in the front is cuteness overload

    Andrew MochalovAndrew Mochalov9 시간 전
  • Who is the Woman with the Blue Hairs?

    DerminecrftDerminecrft10 시간 전
  • Over the Horizon

    יונתן שרוןיונתן שרון10 시간 전
  • The S10 one is absolutely amazing!

    Sujal KumarSujal Kumar10 시간 전
  • i almost cried with this over the horizon. serious.

    LionLion11 시간 전
  • fake

    PHANTHOM gamers FFPHANTHOM gamers FF11 시간 전
  • Nokia please

    chocolate ocean07chocolate ocean0711 시간 전
  • Idk how many people will agree but the girl with short hair kind of resembles J-HOPE

  • What does acapella mean?

    ElizabethElizabeth12 시간 전
  • Please add links to download please I want this tone soo bad 😭😭😭😭 Your s10 version is best ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Please add links so that interested ones can download 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    MD AwaisuddinMD Awaisuddin12 시간 전
  • We want S20 ringtone

    Nihar JainNihar Jain13 시간 전
  • let me change my s10's ringtone to this version

    the cat momthe cat mom13 시간 전
  • 한국인으로서 자랑스럽습니다 😍

    Jisu KimJisu Kim13 시간 전
  • 0:12 😎

    DJ Slava TVDJ Slava TV13 시간 전
  • It’s really good

    Brawl BirdBrawl Bird14 시간 전
  • I don't think anybody notices that the person holding the tablet has a main part in the sounds.

    GleberGleber14 시간 전
    • I do

      Mr. CreeperMr. Creeper13 시간 전
  • もっと伸びて

    アオゲラの森アオゲラの森14 시간 전

    Sunflower seeds alias kuaciSunflower seeds alias kuaci14 시간 전
  • Samsung should probably do a combination with them

    D.S.RD.S.R14 시간 전
  • Halla ang galing 😍

    Elle BongonElle Bongon14 시간 전
  • 와.... 엄청나다....

    셰어링youtube셰어링youtube14 시간 전
  • 오 잘하신다

    점멸점멸15 시간 전
  • what horison u dream

    ovidiu gamingovidiu gaming15 시간 전
  • It sounds better when the tune comes out of the mouths of these guys

    SastaEminemSastaEminem15 시간 전
  • I miss my s9 phone lost it 😔😔😔

    Lib MaglatangLib Maglatang15 시간 전
  • @ gh

    ash Novaash Nova15 시간 전
  • B

    Manuel LópezManuel López15 시간 전
  • Wooow, sooo goooood 😱 now you need to do the LG! ❤

    phillip itophillip ito16 시간 전
  • My mum just searched for her phone.

    Enkhmaa ZanaaEnkhmaa Zanaa16 시간 전
  • Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu 400.000 Abos👍👍👍

    Lukas J.Lukas J.16 시간 전
  • Perfect

    《【EREN】》 《【ŞEN】》《【EREN】》 《【ŞEN】》16 시간 전
  • Русским пришло время захватить комментарии

    P!liGR!M BEATSP!liGR!M BEATS16 시간 전
  • samsung S9 is so beautiful

    M8P1M0 633M8P1M0 63316 시간 전
  • 00:01 "poo poo"

    ParrotboiParrotboi16 시간 전
  • Where is S21

    김홍일김홍일17 시간 전
  • Plot twist: they ate musical instruments so they can create music

    The BlazeThe Blaze17 시간 전
  • oh wow from 389 k subs to 400k in just a period of two hours. wwoooowwww

    Little Buddha.KW. PoetLittle Buddha.KW. Poet17 시간 전
  • Samsung right now: 👁👄👁

    Fact-o-Mania !!!Fact-o-Mania !!!17 시간 전
  • Galaxy s8 extended version plz 👇🏻

    S.T.SS.T.S17 시간 전
  • Quite patriotic!

    Akito IwakuraAkito Iwakura17 시간 전
  • Lol?

    GabriGabri17 시간 전
  • Que top

    the actionthe action19 시간 전
  • LoL

    Jennifer JapayJennifer Japay19 시간 전
  • Well I need Nokia version. I miss that moment

    Pricylia NatalinaPricylia Natalina19 시간 전
  • this is sad because i never had samsung galaxy s series so i can't recognize the sound

    zak Zakzak Zak19 시간 전
  • This is Samsung "HEAVEN" edition

    BlackRed PHBlackRed PH19 시간 전
  • I listen every day

    baha takmazbaha takmaz19 시간 전
  • Do acapella for another samsung signature pleasee.. like samsung alarm 'morning flower' or samsung notification sounds, etc. That would be epic

    Kim JungwooKim Jungwoo20 시간 전
  • Galaxy S ringtone is very good

    TRIANO Roadto2KTRIANO Roadto2K20 시간 전
  • Update: I've watched this like 20 times by now

    KaiTzyKaiTzy20 시간 전
  • where is the galaxy S3?

    shanji Sanshanji San20 시간 전
  • 0:02 poo poo 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 💩

    Zylin Z GenjiZylin Z Genji21 시간 전
  • Hay quá điiii

    Hạnh NguyễnHạnh Nguyễn21 시간 전
  • came back here watching after many times, but still nice to watch.. the Tab Girl is really cute 😊

    Radi LeeRadi Lee21 시간 전
  • You guys should be doing more videos like this I appreciate it a lot and its very entertaining

    Srishti SriramSrishti Sriram21 시간 전
  • I felt that beat drop on the S9 ringtone

    MegamirEXMegamirEX22 시간 전
  • 0:31 ❤️

    Sushi SushiSushi Sushi23 시간 전
  • S6 IS BEST

    Netik SharmaNetik Sharma23 시간 전
  • I love s9 tune 😍 it touch heart

    its_Yashwardhan Singhits_Yashwardhan Singh23 시간 전
  • WAIT ITS S2 is my favorite

    i am a S lol Dubladoi am a S lol Dublado23 시간 전
  • my favorite is galaxy S3

    i am a S lol Dubladoi am a S lol Dublado일 전
  • Ah she's cute, holding that tab.

    Hizkia NHizkia N일 전
  • s9 be like: 😎

    RealShureymRealShureym일 전
  • Hermosas vocesss

    Jesús Salvador Bedoya garcíaJesús Salvador Bedoya garcía일 전
  • The girl with short hair look like Bae Doona from Kdrama called Stranger.

    Oikawa TooruOikawa Tooru일 전
  • I like galaxy s6

  • 개좋다 아카펠라

    나의삶음악은나의삶음악은일 전
  • I have never owned a galaxy so idk what the heck these sounds are... but I enjoy them

    Maks DutkaMaks Dutka일 전
  • Do all these just feel good to listen to? That is exactly my head

    UknownnaUknownna일 전
  • They look like they really enjoyed making these sounds. Like fr they are some bops. Sometimes I just don't pick of the phone just to hear the sounds 😂

    Quadir DowQuadir Dow일 전
  • Isnt this copyright music

    Joey BacusJoey Bacus일 전
  • Ive watched this like a million times

    Peyton StuehmerPeyton Stuehmer일 전
  • Galaxy S2 is my favorite

    Bizzle BoyBizzle Boy일 전

    IvanPlayz 123IvanPlayz 123일 전
  • Dis 1 is da best

    Gvanzz TGvanzz T일 전