Minecraft Hardcore, But It Progressively Updates

2021. 02. 20.
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In this Minecraft video I play on a hardcore world, but it progressively updates every day. I start in version 1.0, and go right through till version 1.17 Cave Update Snapshot.
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  • I love this

    ice dragonice dragon8 분 전
  • He don't deserve 2 million he deserves 10 million

  • 0/4 looking at the out side of the tree house, and 0/8 in the inside it very nostailgic cuz its giving me vibes of minecraft story mode

    mamam kakakmamam kakak7 시간 전
  • 1.0 is not alpha

    person who plays thingsperson who plays things10 시간 전
  • He should do all April fools updates world that would be fun

    sweet tea boysweet tea boy11 시간 전
  • Man this video gave me so much nostalgia

    A HickersonA Hickerson12 시간 전
  • 0

    Courtney HicksCourtney Hicks13 시간 전
  • The house looks pretty good a 6/10

    Adel and JJ 1Adel and JJ 115 시간 전
  • Pogo

    Bgames 101Bgames 10116 시간 전
  • Pog

    Juan AlvaradoJuan Alvarado16 시간 전
  • This video makes me very happy to see 1.7 again

    Adyanpk ArAdyanpk Ar18 시간 전
  • Am I the only one that lowkey liked his house?

    Abby ChadwickAbby Chadwick19 시간 전
  • an 100

    Gabriel wolfGabriel wolf19 시간 전
  • wait no

    Gabriel wolfGabriel wolf19 시간 전
  • so yeah from me to you i give your house a 10

    Gabriel wolfGabriel wolf19 시간 전
  • im not lying i give it a 10 because I try to build and I cant even build a little bunker

    Gabriel wolfGabriel wolf19 시간 전
  • 10/9 I Love the Blue Wood

    ItsDarkCreeperTVItsDarkCreeperTV21 시간 전
  • House rating minus 100 out of 10

    Abdul Hadi TajamaliAbdul Hadi Tajamali일 전
  • I will do wores

    Rafael PregarzRafael Pregarz일 전
  • 5

    Rafael PregarzRafael Pregarz일 전
  • Ur house was better than my ones I built in creative so it gets an 8

    Nelson BawdenNelson Bawden일 전
  • 10/10

    Bella LindgrenBella Lindgren일 전
  • I think your house is 0.1/10

    Jaxon RidleyJaxon Ridley일 전
  • I give it a 5 out of 10

    Reece MackReece Mack일 전
  • Good idea!

    FalconFalcon일 전
  • 10/10 house 🏡

    Risi Kids toysRisi Kids toys일 전
  • Im looking forward to the Caves and Cliffs update (1.17.0)

    Aaron PeeplesAaron Peeples일 전
  • house is ?/10

    Carlos Acuna V69Carlos Acuna V69일 전
  • I acctually liked the house ill give a 8/10

    Haoran ChenHaoran Chen일 전
  • 10/10 Looking House!

    Sushant TyagiSushant Tyagi일 전
  • your house is 2 out of 10

  • SB: New biomes and the smallest jungle biome Me: that is modified jungle swamp

    OverFire MinecraftOverFire Minecraft2 일 전
    • that is not a modifiedn jungle swamp that is the modified jungle edge the rarest of em all it covers 1mil of the world it ahs a chance over 1 in 10 bil to get it.

      Antra arshadAntra arshad22 시간 전
  • 10/5

    xtreme Gamerxtreme Gamer2 일 전
  • Technically you survived 12/13 yrs in minecraft hardcore ;)

    D R 69D R 692 일 전
    • @Oddny Nyhagen no one asked ur opinion i said technically ok the player who survived hardcore is philza everyone knows he survived 5 yrs ok you are stupid

      D R 69D R 6910 시간 전
    • It’s been out 10 years max stupid

      Oddny NyhagenOddny Nyhagen18 시간 전
    • Tf

      Oddny NyhagenOddny Nyhagen18 시간 전
  • 9.2/10

    Yahya AlghamdiYahya Alghamdi2 일 전
  • 1.5 for the house 😜

    Arnav SharmaArnav Sharma2 일 전
  • 100000000000000000000000 vote

    Maria FotiouMaria Fotiou2 일 전
  • 7 could be better

    Fortnite RulesFortnite Rules2 일 전
  • 900000000000000001999999999/10

    rayne jared guetarayne jared gueta2 일 전
  • 4

    Craig MartinCraig Martin2 일 전
  • 15:05 haha that lake looks like a.. nvm

    Payback AlphaPayback Alpha2 일 전
  • I think SB cutted some video

  • Its actually a 10

    Jigna ThakkarJigna Thakkar2 일 전
  • I like the house 9 out of 10 cuz it has alot of lef

    Janiel Da KidJaniel Da Kid2 일 전
  • house is 10/10.

    Mikhail KanjiMikhail Kanji2 일 전
  • the elytra was added in 1.9 i feel old

    Kika's adventuresKika's adventures2 일 전
  • I rate your house 8 and I’m not lying because most of my houses were made of cobble and cobble only

    Zeus ChikZeus Chik2 일 전
  • 7/10 that house is ok

    Kindly KhanKindly Khan2 일 전
  • The first version had no mobs

    Kindly KhanKindly Khan2 일 전
  • I thought 1.17 isn't out? summer 2021 I thought they come out

    Maisie oldhamMaisie oldham2 일 전
  • My Minecraft dogs name is genocide

    skepp fan 101skepp fan 1012 일 전
  • 15:44 Bruh watch this man transform

    Poplayztwd !Poplayztwd !2 일 전
  • Your house is the best house I ever saw

    NielsPlaysNielsPlays2 일 전
  • 100000000/10 it is better then mine

    thepro_plays omgthepro_plays omg2 일 전
  • 15:03 sus water -_-

    Ant4 LifeAnt4 Life2 일 전
  • I watched this entire vid and didn’t see you blink once

    Grayson SokoloskiGrayson Sokoloski2 일 전
    • 4:09

      PrestonTheGPrestonTheG2 일 전
  • I now know I joined Minecraft in 1.13. I’m so so old

    Piglin BruuutePiglin Bruuute3 일 전
  • 10/10 better than mine

    Cheerio GamerCheerio Gamer3 일 전
  • java tectures chang in 1.14 but bedrock changed 1.12

    Ashley MarshallAshley Marshall3 일 전
  • sorry but Russian KOfundr ShadowPriestok already made a lot of videos like that....

    _{1gRomAn} __{1gRomAn} _3 일 전
  • 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

    Osher LevyOsher Levy3 일 전
  • also i love you sb you are so talented please upload more 100 hardcore days video

    Tony HarkinsTony Harkins3 일 전
  • Im 1 in 3 people lol

    collarkylecollarkyle3 일 전
  • who else saw that there was diamonds at 2:30

    Tony HarkinsTony Harkins3 일 전
  • That house is a 10 it’s way better than my houses

    Levi DamonLevi Damon3 일 전
  • Its calld glow litchen

    DanigamesDanigames3 일 전
  • I give it a 5

    God GamerPlayzGod GamerPlayz3 일 전
  • 10/10 i love ur house

    Fatima TanveerFatima Tanveer3 일 전
  • 10/10 house definetly (lmao)

    Alfred KirkelundAlfred Kirkelund3 일 전
  • The Minecraft. Alpha has no spruce wood there is only oak and birch wood

    Rudysa HopeRudysa Hope3 일 전
  • what version is this

    StarzStarz3 일 전
  • Why is there sonic music Between 1.5 and 1.6

    Whitney CalderonWhitney Calderon3 일 전
  • uh 12:15 that zombie is full golden armor with enchanted chest plate uhh

    Aletha WhyteAletha Whyte3 일 전
  • Hmm 4 out of 10

    LeotropixLeotropix3 일 전
  • Wow

    Nice Games2020Nice Games20203 일 전
  • Wat about your dog ha

  • Smallish beans be like 😑

    Jensen EasthamJensen Eastham3 일 전
  • Lovely house no sarcasm

    Abhimanyu S AgrawalAbhimanyu S Agrawal3 일 전

    EZKIEZKI3 일 전
  • You allready beat the game but you still get going 😆😆😆

    GdFbiGdFbi3 일 전
  • I rate YOUR house 9.9 not lying it's really good

    minewars A gamingminewars A gaming3 일 전
  • 10\10

    Ferdinand Ramos JrFerdinand Ramos Jr3 일 전

    ashish pahwaashish pahwa3 일 전
  • Bc

    Omar AhmedOmar Ahmed4 일 전
  • I love ur vids and ur home so its 1000000000000/10

    Máté SzűcsMáté Szűcs4 일 전
  • Hiiiiiiii sb737 ur like the BEST gamer in da worllllld!

    Shahnaz KaziShahnaz Kazi4 일 전
  • My rate on your house is 2.9

    just justinjust justin4 일 전
  • i.5 for me when did everyone else start

    No Tragic fenNo Tragic fen4 일 전
  • 10/10 my build is terrible

    Atienza BrothersAtienza Brothers4 일 전
  • 0.1/10

    Game PlayGame Play4 일 전
  • why did u left the dog alone?

    Game PlayGame Play4 일 전
  • 10/10

    Eniko FergeEniko Ferge4 일 전
  • How will it affect your world

    Jessica RajagopalJessica Rajagopal4 일 전
  • Why no pigeln

    markjhonteddy bearmarkjhonteddy bear4 일 전
  • 100%100

    Rhea LeibelRhea Leibel4 일 전
  • Hearing him say oh, ok is really funny

    Roland Verdis MartinezRoland Verdis Martinez4 일 전
  • 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    Nathan HerreraNathan Herrera4 일 전
  • -3.1/10

    WitherWither4 일 전
  • i rate your house a 2.5

    ryan the gamerryan the gamer4 일 전
  • 10:18 still looking for the room with all the bookcases.. this is a perfect time for: "AY CARAMBA, DONDE ESTA BIBLIOTECA"

    Lulu9744Lulu97444 일 전