Minecraft, But Mobs Drop OP Items...

2021. 02. 20.
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Minecraft, But Mobs Drop OP Items... (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, MOBS DROP OVERPOWERED ITEMS! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This one got really intense.
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  • Hey wisp, check out this youtube channel please. KOfund: living waters. Thanks.

    Inventor 47Inventor 476 분 전
  • 16:46 my eyes : u missed a crystal wisp My brain : OMG HOW DID U MISS THAT U NOOB

    Isaiah BIsaiah B8 분 전
    • And it took him a whole long minute of him healing to notice

      Isaiah BIsaiah B6 분 전
  • Stupid

    Joseph O'NeillJoseph O'Neill23 분 전
  • normal mc players: there's a zombie go away wisp: i hear a spider come oon

    Osman Eren YılmazOsman Eren Yılmaz24 분 전
  • :D

    Epicgamer For lifeEpicgamer For life58 분 전
  • Minecraft LoL

    Tej YouTubeTej YouTube시간 전
  • Wisp ya stupid!!!!!

    Make that Gamer'sDAYMake that Gamer'sDAY2 시간 전
  • He was able to combine punch10 in to punch 11

    Muhammad Ahmad MubasharMuhammad Ahmad Mubashar2 시간 전
  • Who just started watching wisp and its a everyday thing now?

    Squiddy's YellowSquiddy's Yellow3 시간 전
  • you can craft rockets wit paper and gunpowder

    DAPCU BalangirDAPCU Balangir4 시간 전
  • Wisp: 9:48 *bulids a portal* Also Wisp: *Doesn't notice that he's got a full stack of obsidian.*

    Street NinjaStreet Ninja7 시간 전
  • has someone even imagined that an axe kills a blaze better than a sword😂😂

    Dwij JethwaDwij Jethwa8 시간 전
  • Wow

    neha saxenaneha saxena8 시간 전
  • Imagine he build a mob farm 😳

    GAMEROMAR08 *2008*GAMEROMAR08 *2008*9 시간 전
  • Does wisp always have like night vision cause when he’s in a cave it’s not even dark can’t be the only one who realized

    Trevor CainTrevor Cain10 시간 전
  • The ended dragon should also drop op items wisp

    Raahi ChhedaRaahi Chheda11 시간 전
  • Wisp did a face reveal in Minecraft

    Savage KingSavage King11 시간 전
  • Wisp: hits the dragon in the chest

    Shiva AyalasomayajulaShiva Ayalasomayajula13 시간 전

    Complex FlowsComplex Flows14 시간 전
  • 18:46 just killed a woman feeling good

    VintageVintage17 시간 전
  • What is it with 10 books

    Efe TekinEfe Tekin19 시간 전
  • i feel lucky rn, I found 5 diamonds in a chest from a village.

    yes yesyes yes20 시간 전
  • nah dude u will lose its too hard

    Temuka NanavaTemuka Nanava20 시간 전
  • 18:43 360 noscope

    Your boy The idiotYour boy The idiot21 시간 전

    Rebecca WatsonRebecca Watson21 시간 전
  • I'm sorry that's our fall because that's our balling just because we see it sorry powerful that cr4 because you watching the video said that's not our fault that our minecraft so i mean trusting me so i love you

    Mike SiaMike Sia일 전
  • The 1st time that wisp hasen’t mined dirt with a picaxe

    Jake ThompsonJake Thompson일 전
  • Killing hostile mobs has never been this fun before 😂

    Last TimeLast Time일 전
  • wait so how are these challenges btw. Your like legit making the game easier like how is it challenging, like if this is challenging for you, you like actually suck at minecraft.

    TheKidKingTheKidKing일 전
  • The second scream LMFAO

    MrTeX_Yuvin09MrTeX_Yuvin09일 전

    Charlotte EverettCharlotte Everett일 전
  • 19:06

    Bencsik AndrejBencsik Andrej일 전
  • 18:55

    Bencsik AndrejBencsik Andrej일 전
  • 17:30

    Bencsik AndrejBencsik Andrej일 전
  • 17:12

    Bencsik AndrejBencsik Andrej일 전
  • 1:59

    Bencsik AndrejBencsik Andrej일 전
  • You dumb you couldn’t make a diamond sword

    MKHAN _18MKHAN _18일 전
  • I like it when you scream!! Bruh!🤣🤣🤣😂😂

    palompo.jayciepalompo.jaycie일 전
  • Do too spickin espanish

    Roberto FernandoRoberto Fernando일 전
  • Minecraft face reveal

    Manuela DavidManuela David일 전
  • Wisp knows you can’t die to poison right

    Dj SoawesomeDj Soawesome일 전
  • Damn wisp u kinda cute

    Dj SoawesomeDj Soawesome일 전
  • tf you mean can I do it?

    seondo kimseondo kim일 전
  • Axe

    David LeeDavid Lee일 전
  • Are

    David LeeDavid Lee일 전
  • Wisp,did you know you can put sharpness on a are

    David LeeDavid Lee일 전
  • How many subs can I gain from this commet you have to like first

    Milkie. Tea.ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ!Milkie. Tea.ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ!일 전
  • Wisp: I am so bad at this game Me: well you are at least better than me

    Angel LopezAngel Lopez일 전
  • Is this a self made pack or what? I'm so interested in playing this.

    KriegzzKriegzz일 전
  • How is your minecraft skins face a horrifying site

    sanssans일 전
  • I know we that I watched all your videos and I just want to watch this one

    Shadaka BegumShadaka Begum일 전
  • You are going to make the flying thing

    Shadaka BegumShadaka Begum일 전
  • anyone know where i can get the mods he uses?

    3abid3abid일 전
  • can u put the mod link in the video too

    Sam DimarcoSam Dimarco일 전
  • I play Minecraft but I don’t anymore because it took me 2years to Learn how to craft

    Boba Queen 10.0Boba Queen 10.0일 전
  • 1:40 hopefully later you will find only 2 diamonds hahaha xD

    sch-sch-일 전
    • 2:58 right what I said hahahaha can't belive it !! haha

      sch-sch-일 전
  • can you do a face reveal? plzz

    James the Scottish AdventurerJames the Scottish Adventurer일 전

    Golden BlazemenGolden Blazemen일 전
  • Hu

    Rares GeorgeRares George일 전
  • y didb't u make punch 20?

    Golden BlazemenGolden Blazemen2 일 전

    Cardierre WashingtonCardierre Washington2 일 전
  • 1:59 I can’t with that scream

    Eric RobertsEric Roberts2 일 전
  • Wisp u look beautiful without ur mask on 🥺🥺🥺

    carlysharpcarlysharp2 일 전
  • wisp u cant manage your inventory

    Muqtada HameedMuqtada Hameed2 일 전
  • Great vid but can u make a uhc vid

    BoharaliBoharali2 일 전
  • Hey did you know if you throw xp bottles up to the sky rather then down it gives you more xp 🙃 nice tip for you

    Enola GregoryEnola Gregory2 일 전
  • Bro how do u get lv 10 enchantment

    Db Gaming pointDb Gaming point2 일 전
  • Wispppp I,m your biggest fan

    Vighnesh JogaVighnesh Joga2 일 전
  • His face

    Lawrence AlvarezLawrence Alvarez2 일 전
  • Mob grinder 😬

    We need to stop kids contentWe need to stop kids content2 일 전
  • Just imagine a mob xp farm.

    RoFFeRoFFe2 일 전
  • 0:53 is this dreams face reveal LOL

    TankmanTankman2 일 전
  • "Get outa here. Ur a mini ugly"😂😂😂im dieing

    MangoPlayzMangoPlayz2 일 전
  • The perfect time to mine at night

    IHyperVRIIHyperVRI2 일 전
  • how do i play this one

    TTV btw 0062TTV btw 00622 일 전
  • Wisp is the best

    YangYang2 일 전
  • are these supposed to be challenges or advantages?

    SubZeroSubZero2 일 전
  • kinda fun to watch but i don't understand the constant "WHAT?!!?!" surprise at all the insane items dropped since he coded it to do that. Also there is no real risk of death except in the first 30 seconds on the video. I guess this is fun for instant gratification but...yeah not my cup of tea i guess...you can do this same thing in creative mode btw...

    O MO M2 일 전
  • Makes a nether portal frok lava lake, with a stack of obsidian in inventory

    Kyle HaunKyle Haun2 일 전
  • what about the mobs dies and not poiton but a netherright block and a notch apple and a shappness XX

    MONICA Steven Gu ZMONICA Steven Gu Z2 일 전
  • This is op

    William WidmerWilliam Widmer2 일 전
  • Drop terrible loot Endermen: pearl Creeper: gunpowder Skeleton: Bow and bone Drowned: trident

    Pachurisa134Pachurisa1342 일 전
  • Wisp is a noob

    gamerdudegamerdude2 일 전
  • does anyone have this data pack pls help meee

    Aditya BoreleAditya Borele2 일 전
  • Wisp:Minecraft mobs have always droped bad items Evoker:am i a joke to you?

    Krasniqi BekimKrasniqi Bekim2 일 전
  • Wisp looks better without mask ngl

    Ismael RodriguezIsmael Rodriguez2 일 전
  • "Mobs always dropped terrible items" Endermen: *Am i a joke to you?* Iron Golems: *Hm, lies* Blazes: *But you need me for potions and to get to the end..* Creepers: *What do you mean.. MY GUN POWDER GIVES YOU TNT!* Piglins: *Thats what he said.* Pigs: *Guess I’m not a food resource* Cows: *This dude-* Chickens: *Yeah okay i might be small, but i give you food* Rabbits: *Hmph* Sheep: *I give you my wool for your bed, and food for your hunger.. is that not enough?!*

    EnderdragooonEnderdragooon2 일 전
  • Nah how are you so good at minecraft wisp can I play

    FaZe {Sychte} FaZeFaZe {Sychte} FaZe3 일 전
  • Iam gonna

    poorfox1983poorfox19833 일 전
  • Uhh... Anyone noticed the "Infinity X" book at 5:36

    Joku tyyppiJoku tyyppi3 일 전
  • why didnt he take the dimoind horse armer

  • Wisp WISP i hate you why would you waste your only diamond on a F******* shovel

    Emine GuvenEmine Guven3 일 전
  • *Wisp* : ~flying throught the Nether~ *The nether mob* : ~is that a bird?!~

    Rainbow SunlightRainbow Sunlight3 일 전
  • How to get cape in Minecraft

    kobra 5kobra 53 일 전
  • please add link to mods

    Frogo MGFrogo MG3 일 전
  • POV: You need 13 eyes of ender to make the portal to the end work 15:21

    ItzLimezItzLimez3 일 전
  • 0:55 wisp face reveal...

    F GkF Gk3 일 전
  • i wonder what Wither Elder Guardian drops😕😕😕

    LoReNzOLoReNzO3 일 전
  • funfact: you clicked this video for wisp to get netherite so that he screams like whale

    piglin dudepiglin dude3 일 전
    • No? I just clicked to have fun on this video

      Lucas YardinLucas Yardin일 전
  • I like your face without mask

    Eli Zacharie EdañolEli Zacharie Edañol3 일 전