Last to Survive my "Cursed" Difficulty Wins $1,000...

2020. 08. 30.
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So I made a cursed difficulty in Minecraft, and decided to host an event with 100 players. Last one standing wins $1,000 dollars... This was great
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This was a lot of fun to make. Obviously this is the sequel to the impossible difficulty and impossible++ and nightmare difficulty in Minecraft, which have been challenged all throughout KOfund lately.
A lot of people have done "Minecraft, but" challenges on these difficulties, so I figured making a new one is the best thing to do. Have fun, goodluck. You will need it... Minecraft but challenges, Minecraft difficulty and lots more fun Minecraft mods / plugins / datapacks. Custom coded survival challenge by Fundy. This gamemode was super funny and hilarious to make / play. Cursed Difficulty event in Minecraft with Fundy and 100 players. Even though I did lose $1000 lol, it was still a lot of fun to do. I had a great time and making the video was great. Recording it live was definitely something new as well, but it turned out great! I wonder if it's possible to do a Minecraft, but style video / challenge / competition / difficulty with this! Would love to see it!
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  • I need cursed mode as a mod

    The BTD GroupThe BTD Group9 시간 전
  • Something tells me hes a jojo fan

    cammo 9706cammo 970612 시간 전
  • 4:05 that’s some matrix shit right there

    legendaryhusky 1legendaryhusky 113 시간 전

    roblox kidroblox kid일 전
  • it makes sense to call fundy the fox furry boy, FUNDY... I will NOT sub DOT DOT DOT...............................

    PJ Donaghy GamingPJ Donaghy Gaming일 전
  • *and here we have the rare fox furry trapping 99 humans and a bee in a bedrock box*

    Macaw The RainwingMacaw The Rainwing일 전
  • the last video medium was too hard

    future gamer84future gamer84일 전
  • ngl I was dying laughing when someone in the chat said "o h GOD CHOASS" 2:43-2:46

    NerdypigNerdypig일 전
  • hiycko's user still scares me to this day *o7*

    MarisoleMarisole일 전
  • Who are you,Mr Beast?

    Deliah MaskedDeliah Masked일 전
  • Nobody: Wumbee: * says yes with the head slowly *

    Ibalo MendozaIbalo Mendoza일 전
  • furry

    Gomito1234Gomito12342 일 전
  • I really hoped CoolAid would have said sub to furryboy

    HumanHuman2 일 전
  • Kan dit vertaald worden in het Nederlands 😅🇳🇱😉

    Lotte MeijerLotte Meijer2 일 전
  • Fundy after killing children with glitched water: ooo what a shameee

    TealiciousTealicious2 일 전
  • That would be more fun if wumby would have :(

  • Hiyoko we salute you o7

    Gage KonefatGage Konefat2 일 전
  • it only just occured to me that fundy's skin is a fox in a Jotaro suit

    Doc_Doc_2 일 전

    CalebGamezCalebGamez2 일 전
  • Furry boi

    Skip SkipSkip Skip2 일 전
  • Skeppy?

    Exa_N0riExa_N0ri2 일 전
  • nooooo wumbee

    Finn KeatingFinn Keating3 일 전
  • That Wumbee guy Was So cute.....But I also Have the same skin ....So maybe I M praising My self

    RJ Over poweredRJ Over powered3 일 전
  • Furry boy!!!

    pan pawełpan paweł3 일 전

    Henry CornierHenry Cornier3 일 전
  • Lol they are dying

    Itsfunnehfan1234 CHIbiItsfunnehfan1234 CHIbi3 일 전
  • So u said fals hope is that why u blew up the lamanberg army supplies??

    Allen William playsAllen William plays3 일 전

    Anna SAnna S4 일 전
  • Je bent nederland toch fundy??

    swannertswannert4 일 전
  • YEA FISH!!!!!!

    Goldfisch GangGoldfisch Gang4 일 전
  • 17:45 what is the name of the song?

    HOTDOGI45 GamingHOTDOGI45 Gaming4 일 전
  • poor wumbe

    jug minerjug miner4 일 전
  • Fundy inherited Wilburs Psychosis

    Lock SkelingtonLock Skelington4 일 전
  • F u r r y b o y

    muna hamedmuna hamed4 일 전
  • Fun fact Squidward is a octopus 🐙 apparently

    Mayolo Jr SanchezMayolo Jr Sanchez4 일 전
  • i’m at wither fight 50% health i want bumblebee guy to win his skin and name match 😄

    NotcashggNotcashgg4 일 전
  • L

    PS1 HagridPS1 Hagrid5 일 전
  • Did anyone notice the fox in the middle left corner at 20:00 XD he should win $1000

    EndeREndeR5 일 전
  • Knowledge

    Knowledge with ScienceKnowledge with Science5 일 전

    DankBoii3584DankBoii35845 일 전
  • I SUB

    Miss moe ThongMiss moe Thong5 일 전
  • Skeppy has joined the chat

    Awesom PlayzAwesom Playz5 일 전
  • 0:57 imagine you say to your self that I’m not because of my research I’ve did for this event that grass hurts you then lava appears and you sigh

    Extreme Pro TeamExtreme Pro Team5 일 전
  • *Hiyoko besto girl.*

    YukkiYukki6 일 전
  • i wanted Hiyocko to win

    Human BeanHuman Bean6 일 전
  • Fundy would be broke if sb737 was playing

    Nayani GhoseNayani Ghose6 일 전
  • 9:05 POLSKA (tak mi sie wydaje)

    R u RR u R6 일 전
  • Fundy is turning into mister beast

    Miss SwallaMiss Swalla6 일 전
  • This is an outrage

    PitPit6 일 전

    Yes.Yes.6 일 전
  • Furry baby

    Ali AhmadAli Ahmad7 일 전
  • Furry boy

    DarshioDarshio7 일 전
  • 8:24 what even the fuck

    Liam BoyercapLiam Boyercap7 일 전
  • mr beast + skeppy + fundy = this video

    da_susda_sus8 일 전
  • Fundy why did ban him it's just a skin.that's rude of you

    Ameer BaqaeenAmeer Baqaeen8 일 전
  • Skeppy 👉👉👈👈fundy >>>FUSE

  • Why was fundy offended by “furry boy”? I mean... if u look at his skin, he’s an anthro fox Could anybody explain this?

    Big ChungususBig Chungusus8 일 전
  • “Tthank you I frogive you! Furry boy” ;-; *yeets chicken into the void*

  • Yo did anyone see that Kokichi Ouma skin?

    Agent KAgent K8 일 전
  • I wish hickyo won

    Robert HurriganRobert Hurrigan9 일 전
  • comment

    Aisin Gioro PuyiAisin Gioro Puyi9 일 전
  • grave for chicken my only friend killed by the furry baby me: me:... *laughs*

    William StarWilliam Star9 일 전
  • fundy: im angy >:c

    UxRay _UxRay _9 일 전
  • The title of this video means: first to die in fundy's cursed difficulty gets 1k

    Steven ZhuSteven Zhu9 일 전
  • i was voteing for dabcatz

    Layne LeeLayne Lee9 일 전
  • 11:40 слава украине ->glory to Ukraine

    Hollow PixelHollow Pixel10 일 전
  • wad zee beated your cursed mode on one video please make Cursed XXXXXXX

    Tuấn Phạm MinhTuấn Phạm Minh10 일 전
  • I don’t have a twitch account 0:14

  • 𝐈𝐟 𝐈'𝐦 𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐠𝐚𝐦𝐞: 2:21 𝐈 𝐰𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐟𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐛𝐨𝐰 𝐥𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐥𝐥𝐥𝐥𝐥𝐥𝐥𝐥

    Lost DogLost Dog10 일 전
  • Chimkin nugget win pls

    Tristan CattanTristan Cattan10 일 전
    • Noooooo not patric

      Tristan CattanTristan Cattan10 일 전
  • Fun fact:i never beat the ender dragon without any mods

    bald Steve1268bald Steve126811 일 전
  • Say hi to Nick Gurr

    Sandra SaenzSandra Saenz11 일 전
  • Fundy: uses commands to kill all bees. Wumbee: I was close you killed me! didnt you want a mcflurry?

    thefoxgamerkingthefoxgamerking12 일 전
  • Fundy wakes up and choose violence

    Boop The NoseBoop The Nose13 일 전
  • I smell Dutch

    esch vesch v13 일 전
  • FunBEE

    MemeMeme13 일 전

    Derek LlapapascaDerek Llapapasca13 일 전
  • It's "last to survive" so wouldn't that mean first one to die?

    anthony moffattanthony moffatt13 일 전
  • Not wumdee😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Orca TamerOrca Tamer13 일 전
  • F for all dead

    Андрей КудрявцевАндрей Кудрявцев14 일 전
  • i never comment so ye

    Trey ETrey E14 일 전
    • yeee :)

      FolzieFolzie10 일 전
  • Rip hiycko

    LemonDropsLemonDrops14 일 전
  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wumbee

    C and C LindahlC and C Lindahl14 일 전
  • 1:08 just kokichi looking at the furry

    miokoyemiokoye14 일 전
    • oop-

      UwUKotoriUwUKotori13 일 전
  • 3:16 anyone else saw the face?

    abdulmalik4721abdulmalik472115 일 전
  • 3:21 Fundy Face Reveal?!?!?l?

    Amazed JoOAmazed JoO15 일 전
  • Why does this remind me of the hunger games?

    Sakura BloodSakura Blood15 일 전
  • There is a guy with a kokichi oma skin from danganronpa

    Rama moorthyRama moorthy15 일 전
  • Why did the furry boy kill the chicken

    Cristian FloresCristian Flores15 일 전
  • 2:99 look at the comments

    TheOrangeKitten_CatTheOrangeKitten_Cat15 일 전
  • I understand now

    TheOrangeKitten_CatTheOrangeKitten_Cat15 일 전
  • Reset

    TheOrangeKitten_CatTheOrangeKitten_Cat15 일 전
  • well, because he asked so nicely...

    OffJay PlayzOffJay Playz15 일 전
  • WHY YOU BAN HIYCKO NUHHHHHHHHHHH that was the best contested

    TordTord15 일 전
  • “Omg these people are crazy there killing people like there’s money on the line”

    TordTord15 일 전
  • U need skeppy to help u out with this

    InsideJoke - TopicInsideJoke - Topic15 일 전
  • You still ban her whyyy

    Skichy the PlanetSkichy the Planet16 일 전
  • wat fundy u baned her

    Skichy the PlanetSkichy the Planet16 일 전
  • still kinda unfair

    SadBonnieSadBonnie16 일 전
  • If I’m in that build challenge I will get banned because I’m extremely good and fast at building😅

    weiquan Linweiquan Lin16 일 전
    • I made a cool house in 2 minutes

      weiquan Linweiquan Lin16 일 전