I Ruined Skeppy’s Video

2021. 01. 15.
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"Seaside Junction" by Jimmy Wahlsteen

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    TechnobladeTechnoblade4 개월 전
    • I planted the potatoes

    • Techno funk youkgtjfrntghyn t(

      Shephard PieShephard Pie29 일 전
    • Pog

      Brian Plays GamesBrian Plays Games개월 전
    • Pig

      Brian Plays GamesBrian Plays Games개월 전
    • E

      Brian Plays GamesBrian Plays Games개월 전
  • Do not plant them outside they will not grow I tried it myself 😂

    FrozenIcicle 0629FrozenIcicle 06295 시간 전
  • Skeppy can't craft t bed lol

    Raunak - Nandita RoyRaunak - Nandita Roy5 시간 전
  • Alternative title: Me being an annoying jerk for 9 minutes but it's actually funny

    Lazy GurlLazy Gurl8 시간 전
  • The nappy tulip tinctorially tour because back epidemiologically pull per a dangerous throat. astonishing, ragged chemistry

    Katy LoraKaty Lora9 시간 전
  • Salt and vinegar chips + iced coffee is actually kinda good

    Pink boiPink boi9 시간 전
  • Imagine Kim jong ung went to his house said he would give him confetti if he nuked America *man that would be funny*

    Error SansError Sans15 시간 전
  • È

    연우진연우진16 시간 전

    bo chenbo chen17 시간 전
  • scepy sucs

    Christopher CharlesChristopher Charles18 시간 전
  • I'm so sorry your potatoes didn't grow

    Cloroxx-Cloroxx-18 시간 전
  • I love how he said i tried it my self lol

    Timothy AlmedaTimothy Almeda18 시간 전
  • Techno

    Lara B.Lara B.19 시간 전
  • Do face reveal

    Lara B.Lara B.19 시간 전
  • The only person skeppy can't troll

    Appofan McAppofan Mc22 시간 전
  • Your better them dream

    Kelso LindermanKelso Linderman23 시간 전
  • i got a new computer so now i can subscribe to technoblade twice.

    Riley SchroederRiley Schroeder23 시간 전
  • The Blade never dies

    Rammbo HartRammbo Hart일 전
  • Technoblade never dies

    XDItsTotalyMeYT ReactsXDItsTotalyMeYT Reacts일 전
  • I want no... I NEED that plush 😡 But im broke af 😭

    Emmalyn YazzieEmmalyn Yazzie일 전
    • they sold out months ago

      Waffle gamingWaffle gaming19 시간 전
  • Phoenix be done made content out of Technoblade out of Skeppy

    ღ Nihilist-IC ღღ Nihilist-IC ღ일 전
  • TechnoPlane: the third worst things to happen to those orphans.

    axel benedictaxel benedict일 전
  • 6:51 Phoenix SC moment Skeppy gets content from skeppy LOL

    Andy CacasAndy Cacas일 전
  • 4:40 the trolling

    Divine AssassinDivine Assassin일 전
  • technos just a god and we all got to accept it

    MasterChief1279 Dokkan_12MasterChief1279 Dokkan_12일 전
  • Ruined? Nah more like “enhanced”

    Hassan NassarHassan Nassar일 전
  • Skeppy: (dies 2 times) Also skeppy: that doesn't count Total times he died: 9 Total times techno died: 0.1 Total times skeppy messed up crafting: 3

    Eric ScheitEric Scheit일 전
  • The M mod Has you in it and guess what you will be (:

    Eric ScheitEric Scheit일 전
  • The yellow editorial secondly search because nerve psychologically educate barring a fluffy grill. meaty, towering uganda

    Eadie LeijaEadie Leija일 전
    • sorry what

      Waffle gamingWaffle gaming19 시간 전
  • WHY

    allen sunallen sun일 전
  • The salty oak peroperatively sin because trunk disconcertingly thaw up a last broker. high-pitched, staking denim

    Chieu ToanChieu Toan일 전
  • Bruh my respect to techno went from through the sky to through the space

  • Ahaa

    Foxy XxxFoxy Xxx일 전
  • I love technoblades vids

    YT_KaneYT_Kane일 전
  • TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ayana KarnawatAyana Karnawat2 일 전
  • /0:14 best part

    DINEZ 007DINEZ 0072 일 전
  • Did techno get the confetti tho?? Because techno is selling the country maybe even the world.

    aknakn2 일 전
  • 1:53 Technoblade : "I would betray my country for confetti ... Uh, just kidding government" Technoblade Apologizes To Government ?! Heresy !

    Dr. PepperDr. Pepper2 일 전

    Sarthak NayakSarthak Nayak2 일 전
  • Kim jong- un listening to this be like: I need confetti for this man.

    someonenotheresomeonenothere2 일 전
  • Awwwww your plush toys are so CUTE WOWW ❤️

    Alex LexusAlex Lexus2 일 전
  • Today I got a 1 out of 22 on a test

    MeanttickMeanttick2 일 전
    • then you messed up

      Waffle gamingWaffle gaming19 시간 전
  • how dare you -demon god looking for kill...........

    郑小风郑小风2 일 전
  • "That was my last piece of sandman" Technoblade 2021 7:42

    Ternodon STernodon S2 일 전
  • Sup

    TrueFazePlayzTrueFazePlayz2 일 전
  • does anyone else...well.....Techno x Skeppy

    Elmer Duck ElekellElmer Duck Elekell2 일 전
  • Dream smp be like he betwaded the greater dream smp and l’manburg

    the armored Feraligatrthe armored Feraligatr2 일 전
  • The way he tried to craft the bed

    Diegopie007Diegopie0072 일 전
  • Technos troll laugh is so weird

    MR Legend717MR Legend7172 일 전
  • thats not bed thats ϖ ᗰ ᗜ

    Itz FunzyItz Funzy3 일 전

    Im a CupIm a Cup3 일 전
  • Dude those plushies need to go back on sale. I need technoplane and potatos

    XvZGhostXvZGhost3 일 전
  • skeppy challenging an ex-english major to a typeracer contest. mega brain moment

    DamourDamour3 일 전
  • I thought the title said "I ruined skeppy's Voice"

    Lost MelodyLost Melody3 일 전
  • Hey tecnobalde I have Ben watching u for ages and I was wondering If u would like to play with me ?

    Luke GovierLuke Govier3 일 전
  • Story time!

    FutureYTFutureYT3 일 전
  • I hate you

    Lance StevensLance Stevens3 일 전
  • Sloppy is a noooooooooooooobbbbbb

    Deyaneira DominguezDeyaneira Dominguez3 일 전

    Jackoven GamezJackoven Gamez3 일 전
  • Why do you not post

    Hani AbdulqadirHani Abdulqadir3 일 전
  • This man just typed at 121 wpm. The average is about 45.

    Blaze FiresongBlaze Firesong4 일 전

    Theo MilneTheo Milne4 일 전
  • imagine dieing to bones skeppy

    Destro 23Destro 234 일 전
  • I need technotatos

    Green_ Hedgehog 137Green_ Hedgehog 1374 일 전
  • Yes tecnoblade yes

    Anna YoungAnna Young4 일 전
  • Skorpy

    Gavin McAfeeGavin McAfee4 일 전
  • Techno is whiteeee 😧

    Needle For LifeNeedle For Life4 일 전
    • pretty sure he’s pink

      Waffle gamingWaffle gaming19 시간 전
    • no hes green

      ight bruhight bruh4 일 전
  • It will be 3 sec video which skeppy killing techno

    Aravind S NairAravind S Nair4 일 전
  • 5:23 skeppy swears

    GlitchinatorGlitchinator4 일 전
  • technoblade::nobody has ever done this before" mrbeast:*who did it 5 months earlier* am I a joke to you

    bad artistbad artist4 일 전
  • How many bruhz did he say...

  • dream smp vs dream and tecnho

    Malou canlasMalou canlas4 일 전
  • I LITERALLY just won in a fight with a skelleton with enchanted bow with exactly no items...

    kitsuneC22kitsuneC224 일 전
  • The most viewed video in yt is baby shark lol..

    Tiffany The PonyTiffany The Pony4 일 전
  • Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Catherine ChenCatherine Chen4 일 전
  • Skeppy forgetting how to make a crafting table 💀

    SimplyLeahhSimplyLeahh4 일 전
  • Oooooo skeppy be cryin

    ScizorRED 72ScizorRED 724 일 전
  • I so wish I bought them when I had the chance. I wonder if there's any on ebay now or anything like that, hmmm.

    CheeksCheeks4 일 전
  • techno never dies

    Karolina KalińskaKarolina Kalińska4 일 전
  • Imagine dying to regular mobs ThEYre oP!!

    Justin CorneliusJustin Cornelius4 일 전
  • LOL

    Amelie's chatter cornerAmelie's chatter corner4 일 전
  • Hi technoblade I'm a fan

    Shelby PickardShelby Pickard5 일 전
  • pls

    MaerdMaerd5 일 전
  • yoink

    Martin VoslooMartin Vosloo5 일 전
  • fase revear pis

    killer spreekiller spree5 일 전
  • Jk but why u in creative

    Gabe ZambronoGabe Zambrono5 일 전

    Evan WrightEvan Wright5 일 전
  • Why are you guys in creative

    Gabe ZambronoGabe Zambrono5 일 전
  • pleas make a life size Techoblade tank holding two swords and a pillow shape as your croon that we can ware !!!

    Eric JiaEric Jia5 일 전
  • Skeppy: HOW DID U LIVE He forget the famous phrase

    Benjamin MichaudBenjamin Michaud5 일 전
  • Bru-u-u-u-h

  • Next up: ruining Skeppy’s mental health

    Nana Fox19Nana Fox196 일 전
  • The thing someone already did before him lol

    Daecey BossDaecey Boss6 일 전
  • Techno didn’t even die in the lava, so the video should continue

    XinematicXinematic6 일 전
  • Skeppy has been ruined so much recently I swear

    creemmyycreemmyy6 일 전

    Ashley GuoAshley Guo6 일 전
  • Please do a face reveal

    Kaiden StevensKaiden Stevens6 일 전
  • 3:76 jh

    Soupmann WunnSoupmann Wunn6 일 전
  • Is it weird that I subed to everyone on the dream smp server not kidding

    Evangeline SkinnerEvangeline Skinner7 일 전
  • I kove potatoes I can kill someone for potatoes I love them that much Believe me ☺

    Muhammad AnasMuhammad Anas7 일 전