Cute and Delicious Cube Strawberry Cream Cake

2021. 02. 27.
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👦 Fresh strawberries and two kinds of fresh cream make a cute strawberry cream cake with a pleasant size for your eyes and mouth.

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💶 USD-Strawberry Cream Cake 6 USD

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  • Merci pour votre vidéo jadore cette gâteau,hhhiamm

    emilie tanemilie tan6 시간 전
  • So yummy 😋😋❤️❤️

    our life_حياتنا البسيطه 2021our life_حياتنا البسيطه 20216 시간 전
  • con la tapa de arriba y las orillas sobrantes bien pudieron hacer una carlota deliciosa y venderla

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  • It's already 8am...I haven't slept yet. I've been watching videos like this since 5am lmao...I can't stop. I already went to the kitchen earlier and finished the shrimps😂.

    BAKU DekUBAKU DekU14 시간 전
  • he just tossed 50% of the damn cake

    vVyohasakuraVvvVyohasakuraVv17 시간 전
  • 😘

    Daret SoDaret So20 시간 전
  • In the base cream , why they added wine ?

    Jiji KJJiji KJ21 시간 전
  • superrrr

    Aze KitchenAze Kitchen23 시간 전

    Olga ReynosoOlga Reynoso일 전
  • Looks so good and cute

  • Very amazing👌🍓perfect. Want to make. Omg beautiful very very

    eka giorgadzeeka giorgadze일 전
  • when you put the knife inside the cake is love!!!

    marcomarco2 일 전
  • when you make the cream I love you!!!

    marcomarco2 일 전
  • Can i please work there

    Sam's FoodSam's Food2 일 전
  • Kekorea mam cake🥰

    Fitri NurhayatiFitri Nurhayati2 일 전
  • oh diabete

    willyane ;-;willyane ;-;2 일 전
  • Wow

    Sara LipsSara Lips2 일 전
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  • Велеколепно 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Irina RastorguevaIrina Rastorgueva3 일 전
  • how much?

    Sami AltaşSami Altaş3 일 전
  • Everything is always measured and cut to perfection.

    Debbie HooverDebbie Hoover3 일 전
  • Интересно,какие они на вкус,визуально-бесподобны!

    Татьяна МишаринаТатьяна Мишарина3 일 전
  • شكله حلو بس احس طعمه بييييض الخليط كله بيض وشوي دقيق🙂

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    ميو ميوميو ميو4 일 전
  • I’m of thin build but I swear I could eat the whole tray by myself! 😋Emmm!

    Cammy GrosmanCammy Grosman4 일 전
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      smiling moonsmiling moon2 일 전
    • We and Dogs have a 3rd stomach for sweets... its litterally a expension that happens when we smell or taste sweet. xD

      Rasmus BjersanderRasmus Bjersander3 일 전
  • No me gusta el de gelow kiti😠😠😠

    Charly CharlyCharly Charly4 일 전
  • Ada tiktoknya gak?

    Dewi SaptikaDewi Saptika4 일 전
  • Gorgeous and very beautiful 😍

    bobá al dolemebobá al doleme4 일 전
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  • I love it 👍👏🇩🇿🇩🇿

    Souhila BouaklineSouhila Bouakline5 일 전
  • 6800???? Is too expensive!!!

    zorosenhuzorosenhu5 일 전
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  • Que trabalho maravilhoso,super organizado e finalização lindissima

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  • taehyung needs to see this ngl

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  • Very calorific. Looks delicious.

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  • What’s the difference in fresh cream and whipped cream? Can this be done non-commercially? Thanks

    CostaRica PCostaRica P8 일 전
  • 🍰

    miaumiau8 일 전
  • كـحـوووول؟؟؟!!!!

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  • This is so satisfying

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  • Gostei, manda pelo correio?

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  • What is the name of that liquior pls

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  • 3:55 ¿🤔?🔪🍞🚮

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  • Can we just appreciate the hygiene protocols for a second ?

    Calligrapher Imad Al-khaldiCalligrapher Imad Al-khaldi10 일 전
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    Patcharee NoanchanPatcharee Noanchan10 일 전
  • I always wash my strawberries with salt and vinegar, there’s so much worms and bugs that come out of them, just water won’t do it 🤢🤢

    EllenblazEllenblaz10 일 전
    • Extra proteins 😍

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    • francisco

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  • Amo assistir seus vídeos 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

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  • The cakes looks so dry

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  • Blueberries & Strawberries Cake

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  • 一人暮らししてる時の誕生日に食べたい大きさのケーキ。 美味しそう(´﹃`*)

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  • Does anybody have measurements to make a normal sizes cake for this recipe haha.

    Meryam -Meryam -13 일 전
    • @Alexandra Grasu I think I am going to find a castella cake recipe and then make it the way it is shown in the video. The measurements from cream is easy, you just have to know how big your cake is. It is just that here the whisk the egg yolk in a au bain Marie manner which I have never seen. And the Japanese castlle cake recipes I saw they didn't do it this way. Maybe you know more about this method?

      Meryam -Meryam -12 일 전
    • I want it too!!

      Alexandra GrasuAlexandra Grasu12 일 전
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  • me: I can't have a dream job just like that After watching the video: I want to work there

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  • Why did he throw away the tops of that cake ? Noticed he was heading towards the garbage can b/4 they cut the camera. So how much would you pay for a hunk of that cake???????

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