Building Minecraft Farms The Way Mojang Intended

2021. 02. 20.
879 671 조회수

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  • why no pt 2

    Leory Martin VillalobosLeory Martin Villalobos2 일 전
  • literally everyone knew about auto villager farms, its not us who have been farming wrong, its you, since you know literally nothing about mc

    ProfMonkey07ProfMonkey075 일 전
  • My birthday with

    Quinn NultyQuinn Nulty6 일 전
  • Is your server Cracked and Java, or not Cracked and not Java??? Because I've TLauncher

  • zach if u wanna b amazed read the other books mojang has given they will blow your mind ! and thnks for the vid :) and thnks for givin shroomlights a new name ' shroomies ' its leally good ;)

    aastha miniaastha mini7 일 전
  • I am Carrot gang Minecraft

    Mason PayneMason Payne8 일 전
  • LoverFellow pls make server for bedrock

    Maya Devi MaharajahMaya Devi Maharajah14 일 전
  • I bought all the books because am still in training

    Rebecca MullinsRebecca Mullins23 일 전
  • Fun Fact: Farmer Villagers have Seed Guns

    MinebirdsMinebirds29 일 전
  • pewds did almost any of them lol

    Quentin trembleyQuentin trembley29 일 전
  • for the villager based farm at 5:45, you need to plant all the crops first, and then it'll start producing super fast.

    Manolo GonzalezManolo Gonzalez개월 전
  • Alternate title: my life is a lie...

    X_gaming MarcoX_gaming Marco개월 전
  • Now I'm finding vegan teacher in comments

    tahrim haidertahrim haider개월 전
  • Poato

    Namita DehingiaNamita Dehingia개월 전
  • This phone does not tell me when the video was posted so o use comments to find out when it was posted.

    Kamren MayaKamren Maya개월 전
  • I know they harvest potatoes.

    Kamren MayaKamren Maya개월 전
  • Him:im a big potato guy Me:im a big carrot girl

    Lara jane BabateLara jane Babate개월 전
  • Fun fact in bedrock once it's always day crop will Grow faster

    D LegendD Legend개월 전
  • Loverfella: Its that much of a automatic wood farm Me: I can't even do redstone

    Rocket League is the bestRocket League is the best개월 전
  • Reeds

    Microsoft EmployeeMicrosoft Employee개월 전
  • Don't trust the villager farmer they stole my seeds and food

    Lanie FadriquelaLanie Fadriquela개월 전
  • 1:27 thanks for saying that I'm a pro

    TheMegaDragon PongenTheMegaDragon Pongen개월 전
  • LoverFella Is Redstone King

    nichole catacutannichole catacutan개월 전
  • LoverFella Is Redstone King

    nichole catacutannichole catacutan개월 전
  • The ajar writer grossly replace because chance expectantly close aside a unknown korean. upbeat, colossal great-grandmother

    madison terrymadison terry개월 전
  • You should read the red stone guide too if you haven’t already

    SkyFungSkyFung개월 전
  • I love your vids

    PRINCE SHADOW Van der merwePRINCE SHADOW Van der merwe개월 전
  • Sugar cane were called reeds

    PRINCE SHADOW Van der merwePRINCE SHADOW Van der merwe개월 전

    WaterWater개월 전
    • Wait crop alteration doesnt have to be lines does it?

      WaterWater개월 전
  • well this is sad cuz theres no way that you can make a villager plant diffrent crops in seprate rows so that the automated farms are 50% faster

    Jadon yengJadon yeng개월 전
  • dirt is the only source block in minecraft '_'

    jirence Igtibenjirence Igtiben개월 전
  • i made that thing

    FrostreamFrostream개월 전
  • Jesus. Loves U

    Yee TYee T개월 전
  • hi what shader do you use? big fan btw

    olivier koolsolivier kools개월 전
  • I’m dream fan too

    KamyKamy개월 전
  • watching these make me realize how amazing his editor is 🥲

    butrflybutrfly개월 전
  • Can I join your server on ps4??

    Mr. RaccoonMr. Raccoon개월 전
  • Did you buy minecraft

    victor Kardinvictor Kardin개월 전
    • yes he did

      saibanettosaibanetto개월 전
  • Ok cool i did not know this

    idk storiesidk stories개월 전
  • he did world eddit it

    cool catcool cat개월 전
  • I used to make all these farms nearly 10 yrs ago Redstone pros don't do this stuff

    StellerSteller개월 전
  • Where do u get the book

    yeet dudeyeet dude개월 전
  • Wåï† Ðð †hêɏ grðw ßꆆêr †ðgê†hêr ðr åþår†?

    L LaneL Lane개월 전
  • I'm a potatoe guy

    marie ann reyesmarie ann reyes개월 전
  • I have a automated kelp farm design

    Fatih CevikFatih Cevik개월 전
  • i know the sugar kane one

    Taniel ChenTaniel Chen개월 전
  • Me before watching one of his videos: sadness Me after: extreme happiness

    London WaltonLondon Walton개월 전
  • I did not know that the plants be with different plants did that 0-0

    Sophia McElrathSophia McElrath개월 전
  • The loud quail unpredictably request because lunge preliminarily work amongst a curly swordfish. quick, axiomatic acoustic

    abu alomabu alom개월 전
  • You can put redstone torch for the mushroom farm

    AvaisnotmynameAvaisnotmyname개월 전
  • 2:24 Ah I remember using those types of farms way back then; I wonder why people just stopped using them.

    AJ OlesenAJ Olesen개월 전
  • Hello lover fella

    Colton And friendsColton And friends개월 전
  • What? This is brilliant

    Aman ChavdaAman Chavda개월 전
  • What's the name of the block he use at 0:55 ?

    tiên đạt Khưutiên đạt Khưu개월 전
    • Farmland you can do /give @p farmland

      saibanettosaibanetto개월 전
  • I already knew all of this before I even watched KOfund videos

    Paul FalabiPaul Falabi개월 전
  • Love from india

    Shridhar GVShridhar GV개월 전
  • 1:59:59

    Peachy BeePeachy Bee개월 전
  • Dude just set your random tick speed to a high one, BOOM! Stonks.

    thewhatthewhat개월 전
  • Sir you bought the book a week ago and I bought it 3 years ago and EVEN BACK THEN many things are outdated. The villager doesnt work even back then because of village pillage update, and I realised it was a waste of money because I almost know everything because of being a veteran. I wish I bought the redstone book 3 years ago but its okay.

    JIMBlocksJIMBlocks개월 전
  • Please make your minecraft server cracked 😔

    Longest NameLongest Name개월 전
  • Hey I make command block in irl I want to use it to go in other dimension Name:blackclover BUT I CAN'T USE IT CUZ I'M in survival

    AristocraticAristocratic개월 전
  • Part 2 Please

    Lokesh KudipudiLokesh Kudipudi개월 전
  • who here thinks zach has never played minecraft before

    Cookie kiratliCookie kiratli개월 전
  • I will join soon

    Augie LoonzAugie Loonz개월 전
  • Hey LoverFella your the best Yt ever

    Mitchell Jr8760Mitchell Jr8760개월 전
  • with the sugarcane one Suprising I all ready frarmed it like that yay

    Sunrise the humanSunrise the human개월 전
  • loverfella:*makes atuomadic puumkin and watermelon farm* me:youu did this for what?!? loverfella:why not? me: why thouugh btw im on older bsis acc

    Kyndal ClevelandKyndal Cleveland개월 전
  • I am a potato

    Potato LordPotato Lord개월 전
  • Tecnoblade watching this...I HAVE AN ADVANTAGE!!!

    TwaunggTwaungg개월 전
  • Yeah noob playing minecraft u don't even know how to play😎😎😎😎😎

    it’smedarko 95it’smedarko 95개월 전
  • Just getting creative mode on and take the composter and googleing

    it’smedarko 95it’smedarko 95개월 전
  • What about your farm

    Julianne BasslerJulianne Bassler개월 전
  • He really thinks ppl dum

    kirby molinakirby molina개월 전
  • Pewds did that too

    Kiaru BadayosKiaru Badayos개월 전
  • Looks like I was farming right accidentally.😂😂😂😂😂

    Soumil GoelSoumil Goel개월 전
  • To be serious do not do these vids cause what is the point of mojogang doing a lot of books if u just do a vid about it

    Abdulghaffar 10Abdulghaffar 10개월 전
  • Brah I knew all

    needy warriorneedy warrior개월 전
  • i know every one of these

    NickNeil YTNickNeil YT개월 전
  • Cmon credit mystery ore...

    aa개월 전

    Deadpool GamesDeadpool Games개월 전
  • Who remembers zacks ark days

    detective peardetective pear개월 전
  • PART 2 PLS

    faisal Abdelqaderfaisal Abdelqader개월 전
  • im mindblown ngl

    John Enrique EspinozaJohn Enrique Espinoza개월 전
  • For the farmers you need to trap another villager with some hopper Minecarts around it so they think they can throw the potatoes but they get sucked up

    Lukas CommissoLukas Commisso개월 전
  • LoverFella: THIS IS HOW TO BUILD MELON AND PUMPKIN FARM CORRECTLY Every Hypixel Skyblock player: that’s small :(

    SneakylittlemanSneakylittleman개월 전
  • Loverfella:HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN FARMING WRONG HUH Meh: since the day I got Minecraft. 👁👄👁 💧 💧

    Scarlett SillScarlett Sill개월 전
  • Just use a bone meal

    Louie OliverosLouie Oliveros개월 전
  • The thumbnail makes no sense

    TikiBear97 ETikiBear97 E개월 전
  • Project Zorgo is Watching...

    RuxRux개월 전
  • I learned the pumpkin and melon farm without the redstone on hypixel skyblock cuz its very effective

    FeD_DeFFeD_DeF개월 전
  • PATATO!!!!

    Diamond_The _CatDiamond_The _Cat개월 전
  • Carrots and wheat and potatoes u noob

    Rocket GamingRocket Gaming개월 전
  • A weed farm in the center LMAO

    Rocket KiersRocket Kiers개월 전
  • Villager labor

    Kamaduck TanjiQuackKamaduck TanjiQuack개월 전
  • I know that lover

    DENZ terteDENZ terte개월 전
  • Maybe this one people now that villanger can farm for you and restart the farm

    itz_leah ash UwUitz_leah ash UwU개월 전
  • oh polyculture

    monkeymanwasd123monkeymanwasd123개월 전
  • part 2

    Ahmed SiyadAhmed Siyad개월 전
  • uhh why do u say be ans?

    blu3robl0xianblu3robl0xian개월 전
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    Spencer SafflowerSpencer Safflower개월 전