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  • The best

    Dina AhmatovaDina Ahmatova15 분 전
  • Bubhtc

    Man CanMan Can시간 전
  • 로제는 귀여워, 지수는 귀여워, 리사는 멋지다, 제니는 전체 그룹이 예쁘다.

    Cường Phan QuốcCường Phan Quốc시간 전
  • Love

    Huda JumaHuda Juma2 시간 전
  • Hi im rose and my family is rich

    Princess Yannah 🐰🐰Princess Yannah 🐰🐰2 시간 전
  • Lisa is the best dancer her dancing skills stunning wonderful

    Papi DebbarmaPapi Debbarma2 시간 전
  • Wow Lisa is amazing

    Papi DebbarmaPapi Debbarma2 시간 전
  • 🌹 Rosé 🌹

    Akhilesh KumarAkhilesh Kumar2 시간 전
  • Perfect dance performance :)

    Ranty HarianjaRanty Harianja2 시간 전
  • 축하해 넌 할 수있어

    luizinho Piresluizinho Pires2 시간 전
  • I love you jennie ❤❤

    Rizavan MultaniRizavan Multani2 시간 전
  • I love Blackpink 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍

    Megina TeronpiMegina Teronpi3 시간 전
  • My Jisoo is just perfect

    zknsgzknsg3 시간 전
  • Why jennie is so cutee in this video 😫❤️

    NutPramestNutPramest3 시간 전
  • I don't like any girl but when they ... 🥺❤️

    melanie Londoñomelanie Londoño5 시간 전
  • Love you all

    Joella CustodioJoella Custodio5 시간 전
  • Jisoo is my favourite.she is just beautiful,

    Natasha stavropoulosNatasha stavropoulos6 시간 전
  • Mantap

    Suci ThirtaSuci Thirta6 시간 전
  • ابو محمد وينك

    ؤجــد༎ຶ🍒ؤجــد༎ຶ🍒7 시간 전
  • Dunno, missing their old dance studio and Their casual look 🤭

    Mandu KimMandu Kim7 시간 전
  • Beautiful jisoo

    Ste LamSte Lam7 시간 전
  • I can't take my eyes off Jennie-

    † Clαrα & Yᴜʀɪ †† Clαrα & Yᴜʀɪ †7 시간 전
  • jisoo is so gorgeous

    Trang ChuTrang Chu8 시간 전
  • 8 months ago: eyes glued on LISA 8 months after: eyes glued on JISOO

    Lili 027Lili 0278 시간 전
  • Pusingg cantiknyaa tuh ga ngotak

    Marchella woesikMarchella woesik9 시간 전
  • Lisa =dance 💃🎶 Jenni= vocal and dance🎶 Rose= main vocal and dance📯🎶🎸🎸 Jisoo= help vocalist🐥🎶

    Ruvini SamarasinghaRuvini Samarasingha10 시간 전
  • this is favorote

  • I loveeee blackpink rose lisa jennie jisoo i love 🌈♥️♥️♥️

    Nelson Castro AlvaradoNelson Castro Alvarado11 시간 전
  • Rosé is so beautiful, she is so perfect and cute, I refuse to think that she was not like that off camera.

    zxybin-zxybin-11 시간 전
  • My bias jisoo

    Ravana rheinRavana rhein11 시간 전
  • Fc

    พิรญาณ์ จัดวงศ์พิรญาณ์ จัดวงศ์13 시간 전
  • I love ❤ Black Pink

    Vy DoanVy Doan13 시간 전
  • I love it, like everything they do

    Daniela YesquenDaniela Yesquen13 시간 전
  • No sien mas esta musical lenbra minhas infância

    Rosé gemerRosé gemer13 시간 전
  • Porque rose tenia como una vendita en su manito :(? recién me doy cuenta

    God Seok JinGod Seok Jin13 시간 전
  • omg i just realized at the end of the choreo, they make a heart aweee

    mckayla kaomckayla kao15 시간 전
  • hermoso

    Ana VillaAna Villa16 시간 전
  • JenChuLiChaeng bailan hermoso!!!!! las amooooo

    LoVe BPLoVe BP17 시간 전
  • 2:39

    BlinkBlink18 시간 전
  • Jisoo's visual ain't a joke😍

    ShafiJuselShafiJusel21 시간 전
  • It's my birthday when they uploaded thisss hahaha

    Jemima Gabrielle CatiloJemima Gabrielle Catilo21 시간 전
  • jennie - my eyes are glued on her

    J AJ A21 시간 전
  • Jennie 😭😭😭😭😭

    J AJ A21 시간 전
  • they got over 100k out of a practice dance lmao

    SCP-3812SCP-381221 시간 전
  • Hola Rose

    key gameskey games22 시간 전
  • You know what's amazing thing about Lisa's dancing skill? Even when you make this dance performance in slow-mo, you can clearly see that she is *THE ONLY ONE* that can catch all the moves on beat without struggling. Or even when you stop the video at anywhere she'll be looking like she's ready for the pause. Because Lisa is a perfectionist dancer. You can clearly see that she is the main dancer here when she is the only one that can do that. You can try 😉 That's why she had been chosen as a dance mentor, not just to girls but boys too. She's incredible. ♡

    lilieslilies22 시간 전
  • Whatever rose is doing THATS TALENT! MY NECK IS DESTROYED!!

    Nadirah HanimNadirah Hanim23 시간 전
  • I dont know why , i just love blackpink..

    Ridwan IstantozRidwan Istantoz23 시간 전
  • Blackpink you are my queen i LOVE you so much 😘🤩😘

    Nur GurungNur Gurung23 시간 전
  • ابو محمد خلك على الروسية

  • Kapan bisa nge dance kayak begini ya ampunnn,,, pingin juga walau lewat mimpi wkwkwkw

    Miss Molor 😂Miss Molor 😂23 시간 전
  • ياربي يرقصون في قلبي 💔 .

    ᕼᗴᗷᗩ 〆 .ᕼᗴᗷᗩ 〆 .일 전
  • Roza what happened to your hand

    Dada MuhammadDada Muhammad일 전
  • 170M

    lllexodusllllllexoduslll일 전
  • ليسا😍😍😍😍😊

    Tlin TyWopeTlin TyWope일 전
  • روزوووووو☺☺☺❤❤😍😍

    Tlin TyWopeTlin TyWope일 전
  • روزي🥰🤗

    Tlin TyWopeTlin TyWope일 전
  • واوأعجبني 😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

    Najwa AliNajwa Ali일 전
  • I really, Can't take eyes off jisoo😭

  • Everyone is only talking jisoo rose and Lisa nobody is talking about Jennie that how cute she looking in those bangs did anybody even like her

    Subhashree Bhanja deoSubhashree Bhanja deo일 전
  • wowwwwww....

    amena Alobaidiamena Alobaidi일 전
  • Thing that I always expect after each MV is its dance perfomance

    Pla PlaPla Pla일 전
  • Jisoo is literally butter in lovesick girls, in all of the categories, dancing, singing, visuals..

    Hum Apke Hain Kaun?Hum Apke Hain Kaun?일 전
  • Omg Rose say 'Saranghe'.

    Kawser AlamKawser Alam일 전
  • does any does anyone want to join my black pink server?

    RoséRosé일 전

    Secret Lalisa FilmsSecret Lalisa Films일 전
  • Jwnnie`s; LOVSECK GIRLS )))

    Secret Lalisa FilmsSecret Lalisa Films일 전

    J ElmaJ Elma일 전
  • I loved the last part😍

    Fahad PkFahad Pk일 전
  • I'm so in love with rosé girl

    prashuna sthaprashuna stha일 전
  • Who say Jennie is Lazy is is hella Perfect If you think she is lazy then plz tell if you can do this dance

    Ramita MittalRamita Mittal일 전
  • 🖤💖JENNIE! 💖🖤

    Jämïē & JėłłÿJämïē & Jėłłÿ일 전
  • Vi KaVi Ka일 전
  • Cái áo của lisa

    Zero TwoZero Two일 전
  • 춤하면 블랙핑크

    유동혁유동혁일 전

    ahmad hsnahmad hsn일 전
  • Nggak sabar nunggu lisa sama jisoo solo😅btw ada yg sama sama saya nggak🙏

    Vina vinVina vin일 전
  • 200M

    Dion RadjaDion Radja일 전
  • I love rose hair

    saraswati  Chhetrisaraswati Chhetri일 전
  • Rose is looking very beautiful

    saraswati  Chhetrisaraswati Chhetri일 전
  • Jisoo🥰😍😍

    Hương PhạmHương Phạm일 전
  • Jisoo🥰😍😍

    Hương PhạmHương Phạm일 전
  • Love you jisoo

    Ste LamSte Lam일 전
  • i wish i have rose hair

    Madamoiselle JisooMadamoiselle Jisoo일 전
  • 2:40 -when the school finally ends

    sarthak bhosalesarthak bhosale일 전
  • Rose: let’s all where a jacket or long sleeve shirt but not tell Jisoo. Jisoo: let’s all where black or dark coloured shoes but not tell Rose.

    Tarini MenonTarini Menon일 전
    • Even Lisa didnt wear black shoes, they are kinda greenish

      Jui BhosleJui Bhosle일 전
  • Mük

    Filiz YıldızFiliz Yıldız일 전
  • gytdre

    mm일 전
  • Blackpink lovesick girl i love you

    Sumarlik SamsungSumarlik Samsung일 전
  • Aaaaa 너무 사랑 해요 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    나나 깜박،🖤나나 깜박،🖤일 전
  • Rose charismatic

    Kino ManiaKino Mania일 전
  • 170 m

    oppo A37oppo A37일 전
  • Rose hairs are very beautiful

    Hlamrasang MarmaHlamrasang Marma일 전
  • Rose is very beutiful

    Nonelon JamilaNonelon Jamila일 전
  • 🖤💗Queens 👑👑👑👑 JISOO My love 💜😍

    Lady HanaLady Hana일 전
  • Lisa rap o.o

    edwin murciaedwin murcia일 전
  • amazing blackping

    Fili anFili an일 전
  • Xinh quá

    Khải QuốcKhải Quốc일 전