Beating Minecraft on the HARDEST Seed

2020. 09. 10.
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Beating Minecraft on the Hardest Seed
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  • Am I the only one cringing that he was killing the fish with a pickaxe tho?

    AV BuilderAV Builder13 시간 전
  • The hardest seed that I know is the one that I can bust

    Legolord ProductionsLegolord Productions2 일 전
  • "Hardest" seed ey

    Legolord ProductionsLegolord Productions2 일 전
  • That's insane!! Beating minecraft with the hardest seed with netherite sword

    Brian James GucorBrian James Gucor3 일 전
  • Did anyone see that he ate rotten flesh instead of the steak during the ender dragon fight??

    DevCraftDevCraft4 일 전
  • Nifty: No mobs on our place... Nifty 10 seconds later: A few creepers...

    Devil Piggy BaconDevil Piggy Bacon7 일 전
  • I'm rating your house a 1😳😳😳😳😳

    Tahlia BottomleyTahlia Bottomley7 일 전

    Hafsa MiahHafsa Miah7 일 전
  • Paradise ocean

    Hardlevel GamerHardlevel Gamer9 일 전
  • Y do u sownd irish

    king pig gamingking pig gaming10 일 전
  • The kelp😆 you can eat the kelp😆

    Jeku 18Jeku 1810 일 전
  • Bruh. He gets 2 netherite ingots and all he says is "nOt BaD"

    Gacha Bonnie :3Gacha Bonnie :311 일 전
  • its a 100000/10 god job

    Tobias Lindbjerg StrungeTobias Lindbjerg Strunge12 일 전
  • At last when he say that i have no stick when i spawn everyone has no stick when they spawn

    dayaoshodayaosho13 일 전

    Sandy LinSandy Lin13 일 전
  • I was screaming that he could have made A FREAKING ENCHANTING TABLE.

    Yalaa boyYalaa boy13 일 전
  • What where the cords for the netherite ingots please tell me and also the diamonds

    Apolinar DelacruzApolinar Delacruz13 일 전

    Mikeysaurus VlogsMikeysaurus Vlogs14 일 전
  • Can't you eat seaweed cook seaweed

    Mc DonaldMc Donald14 일 전
  • If nifty reply’s on this comment I will put a banner of him in my room

    Kanan JarrusKanan Jarrus14 일 전
  • He went from worlds hardest seed to a regular game

    curtis dewberrycurtis dewberry15 일 전
  • I speedrun in this seed :D

    Ayesha FaridiAyesha Faridi15 일 전
  • you can eat kelp

    Marcos FragomeniMarcos Fragomeni15 일 전
  • Peep the massive island at 8:20

    Matthew AltonMatthew Alton15 일 전

    Bianca-Mercedes BenskeyBianca-Mercedes Benskey15 일 전

      Bianca-Mercedes BenskeyBianca-Mercedes Benskey15 일 전
  • 10 out 10

    Reese MaeReese Mae16 일 전
  • Dude u can get food out of kelp u just need to cook it

    Nonsense DirectorNonsense Director16 일 전
  • This seed isn’t even hard spawning in the middle of the ocean is not that bad cuz shipwrecks and buried treasure

    Mason HainlineMason Hainline17 일 전
  • I spawned on a island and I found a mone

    Aiden KvedarasAiden Kvedaras17 일 전
  • That inventory organization just burns me inside

    XbobliveXboblive17 일 전
  • Magic 🧞‍♂️

    Sylvia RangelSylvia Rangel18 일 전
  • Hey Nifty Can You Make 100 Days On A Island part 1

    PokePlaysRobloxPokePlaysRoblox18 일 전
  • Seed:exists Him:who has awaken the mighty one?!

    pixel craftpixel craft18 일 전
  • You chould cook kelp that is still a thing

    Nikola BistrovicNikola Bistrovic20 일 전
  • Use magma to breathing underwater

    Hildebrand MarkHildebrand Mark20 일 전
  • Not wasting your coal

    Hildebrand MarkHildebrand Mark20 일 전
  • Use a campfire

    Hildebrand MarkHildebrand Mark20 일 전

    Maximo TarazonaMaximo Tarazona20 일 전
  • No girl scout cookies please ;-;

    SI O NOSI O NO20 일 전
  • i rate your house 99999999999%base

    adrianne alzateadrianne alzate21 일 전

    Itz_French CatItz_French Cat21 일 전
  • We’re not here to sell you Girl Scout cookies, We’re here to give you Scelly Scout arrows! :D:D:D

    Angel KittyAngel Kitty23 일 전
  • this is the hardest seed: beats minecraft in under 30 min. and gets netherite

    TheDave2006TheDave200623 일 전
    • The 30 minutes is the cut video.

      Andor MákAndor Mák일 전
  • The fact he beat the game in 24 minutes

    FatalityFatality23 일 전
  • This looks like the best castaway seed imo

    Bryan FergusonBryan Ferguson23 일 전
  • The map

    Floravel SantiagoFloravel Santiago24 일 전
  • i was like when you were in the never"YOUR HELLMIT SIMTH!!"

    Dumpster fkDumpster fk24 일 전
  • Has anybody actuallyy called a leather chest plate a leather tunic?

    Nutella101Nutella10124 일 전
  • How did he get those pork chops when he was in the nether fortress

    Yuji itadoriYuji itadori24 일 전
  • Bro does he not know how to swim

    Yuji itadoriYuji itadori24 일 전
    • Or sprint

      Yuji itadoriYuji itadori24 일 전
  • Did you realize that he said crafting table instead of work bench at: 1:28

    syromkanasyromkana24 일 전
  • 7:59 Crainer buuuh buh BOAT time

    Jailbreak UserJailbreak User24 일 전
  • uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Robert J. SquarePantsRobert J. SquarePants25 일 전
  • good video

    Robert J. SquarePantsRobert J. SquarePants25 일 전
  • Bruh he had steak and ate rotton flesh

    FlowerBuildsFlowerBuilds25 일 전
  • 7:47 'More saplings'. dude, you are shearing leaves...

    koen henkkoen henk25 일 전
  • I love how he dosent realise kelp is a thjng

    Shania PlaysShania Plays26 일 전
  • Why didn't you use the enchanted book on the sword

    BhawnaBhawna26 일 전
  • I'm actually gonna make a series about this seed! Feel free to check out! Channel: Firestorm N Friends Gaming [New KOfundr]

    The Greatest JMS W Cool AnimationThe Greatest JMS W Cool Animation26 일 전
  • hardest seed but he get mending fishing rod and two ingot of netherite

    Louis-Philippe LamarreLouis-Philippe Lamarre26 일 전
    • It's meant for 1.15, Bastions didn't exist.

      Guep•Guep•25 일 전
  • Why is he so noob

    Mastro gamerMastro gamer27 일 전
  • I got a similar seed... There was also a mushroom biome in the background and trees on islands lol :1

    RinkimiruRinkimiru28 일 전
  • The seed e or 101 is bad

    Markus SimmondsMarkus Simmonds28 일 전
  • Dude u can not spam click and a netherite axe is better

    Michael koenigMichael koenig28 일 전
    • You get two hits with Sword in one second (15 dmg) You get one hit with your axe in one second (12 dmg)

      Guep•Guep•25 일 전
  • Smith you got oak leaves from using the shears because when you destroy leaves with shears it gives you the leaves

    Cassie EvansCassie Evans29 일 전
  • He should have made dried kelp

    Cohor NichiCohor Nichi29 일 전
  • @NiftySmith Swimming exists...

    BedsideBedside29 일 전
    • This was one of his First videos.

      Guep•Guep•25 일 전
  • Wt

    Asian n' GamingヲAsian n' Gamingヲ29 일 전
  • Drinking game :have a shot every time his voice cracks

    Disco TutiDisco Tuti29 일 전
  • BBBBBBBB......B.........B................BBBBBB BOAT TIME!

    Aben CityAben City개월 전
  • Food: Fish, Kelp You can Swim Him: Eh?

    Kyuu DesperationKyuu Desperation개월 전
    • He's a new player in this video

      Guep•Guep•25 일 전
  • everytime i start a new world be like:

    Thomy70 GamingThomy70 Gaming개월 전
  • Dreams nightmare seed for manhunt

    Luis ArmendarizLuis Armendariz개월 전
  • Lol he's so fake he got One netheritr ingot from the vid but it's 2 NOW LOL

    Cleve DocsCleve Docs개월 전
  • Why did u not make a shield

    Alpha MerlinAlpha Merlin개월 전
  • You could of farmed at the start you were getting hungry

    ETD AdventuresETD Adventures개월 전
  • Creeper blows up, he screams, I become deaf :’(

    No Thumbnail horrible_gacha :PNo Thumbnail horrible_gacha :P개월 전

    TenticTentic개월 전
  • Benis lorg

    gauxapengauxapen개월 전
  • 619717398 is my social security jkkkk

    Refl-XRefl-X개월 전
  • well, hecc

    M ZM Z개월 전
  • 3:16 CrazyRussianHacker

    Pretty PoisonPretty Poison개월 전
  • You dont how to sprint

    Janine BeloJanine Belo개월 전
  • Did you know Smith you can eat Dry Kelp in minecraft. You cook the kelp in a furnice...and will you do this in Hardcore?

    ItsMe _Sleepy_IzItsMe _Sleepy_Iz개월 전
  • 0

    Jessie MiguelJessie Miguel개월 전
  • you know he's rich when he filled in 2 of the corners on the nether portal.

    shrug faceshrug face개월 전
  • Guys im fan but hes cheating u see it in levels what did go in 23levels hes not record it hes freez hes pc and cheats on guys and then thats imposible Why did so fast finding fortress and then hes not record it he record fighting blaze omg cheater

    Elh JaneElh Jane개월 전
  • I always get island seeds with no trees whenever I play

    Shoto TodorokiShoto Todoroki개월 전
  • 9:04 who else heard the witch cackle-

    November 7thNovember 7th개월 전
  • bruh that seed is my phone nnumber

    Ja'Vonna DickensJa'Vonna Dickens개월 전
  • Laugh at 10000m travel

    Heaven '*-*'Heaven '*-*'개월 전
  • 3:55 is the first time I heard Smith genuinely yell in fear 😂😂😂

    Veronica DoynikovaVeronica Doynikova개월 전
  • bro WTF he couldve used kelp blocks as fuel for his furnace!

    Colton KaylorColton Kaylor개월 전
  • 3:55 *We'll be right back*

    Ștefan MarinacheȘtefan Marinache개월 전
  • seed is Mance tan wern zee

    Xuan Kai TanXuan Kai Tan개월 전
  • I found a new seed that has no islands near by, no trees nearby at all, and there is no shipwrecks or anything like that nearby. here's the seed if you want it 6546920939036385059

    Joshua AndersenJoshua Andersen개월 전
    • Bro, I just typed it in and played it holy crap!

      Luke SienkoLuke Sienko개월 전
  • bro eat your steak

    Josue VasquezJosue Vasquez개월 전
  • 100000000000000/10

    DontcatchedgeDontcatchedge개월 전
  • A couple of time ago a spawned on the 1tree island in minecraft lool. Its the same that i see, pls trust me

    Sütix 123Sütix 123개월 전
  • I am Japanese. I use a translator to comment. This person's game situation was interesting until the Japanese person!(`-ω-´)✧

    くれはもちくれはもち개월 전