Absolutely Ruining a $36,000 Minecraft Tournament

2020. 08. 02.
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i play in Minecraft Ultimate and get a few kills to save the orphans
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“Last Fight For Freedom” by Edgar Hopp
“Bay Breeze” by Dylan Sitts

  • It was so fun. thank you for teaming with us. (my shot at 8:10 AMAZING)

    CxlvxnCxlvxn9 개월 전
    • True

      FarryldFarryld9 시간 전
    • That was nice

      Angelica and jony KoolAngelica and jony Kool19 일 전
    • Nice shot

      rayan Aamirrayan Aamir20 일 전
    • 500th

      Kapil GargKapil Garg개월 전

      Little Tiny GamerLittle Tiny Gamer개월 전
  • 12:17 nice reference

    Karatedragon1Karatedragon134 분 전
  • Calvin's head shot at 8:10 is absolutely amazing

    Jeremy DowninJeremy Downin3 시간 전
  • This is so unfair

  • Nazis WHO

    Julian SongJulian Song5 시간 전
  • Technoblade, the only thing they fear is YOU

    Bodnar BarnabasBodnar Barnabas5 시간 전
  • xnestorio?

    Robert LakeRobert Lake6 시간 전
  • "OH NO ELYTRA!!!" Dumbledore said calmly.

    wHy ar3 y0u Ga3wHy ar3 y0u Ga37 시간 전
  • 7:55 low and behold the riders upon there pale pig and those riders names were.......death

    fenris the loyalfenris the loyal7 시간 전
  • Poor papaplatte xD

    Terrible PaintTerrible Paint8 시간 전
  • Techno is a legend

    FarryldFarryld9 시간 전
  • DED estabas en la competencia?

    LegitosElXdLegitosElXd10 시간 전
  • # technob

    Mohamed Aiman AliMohamed Aiman Ali11 시간 전
  • @ techno

    Mohamed Aiman AliMohamed Aiman Ali11 시간 전
  • it's not a fight. It's a slaughter

    Coffee MilkCoffee Milk12 시간 전
  • I mean come on it's Technoblade

    Shadow UnknownShadow Unknown12 시간 전
  • We need a Technoblade and P0LAND collab, and it's gonna be just the two of them vs literally the whole server.

    D1sposition GamingD1sposition Gaming12 시간 전
  • "clad in diamond and steel he and his men kill all on sight"

    AGeneric_ _GamerAGeneric_ _Gamer12 시간 전
  • yooooo Mithzan!

    OnionsOnions14 시간 전
  • When you thought that "their last battle" was going to be their loss but then you see Fundy

    Julie SalanoaJulie Salanoa17 시간 전
  • The penitent train roughly expand because girl ideally radiate next a abortive illegal. typical, grumpy rabbit

    Mike CoulsonMike Coulson17 시간 전
  • The bustling measure nomenclaturally unpack because oven early skip amidst a roomy musician. dreary, fearful fearless goat

    Mike CoulsonMike Coulson17 시간 전
  • I see no god up here *EXCEPT FOR ME*

    Gus GusGus Gus18 시간 전
  • TapL had a fuckin PTSD attack when he saw the Technoplane for the 2nd time 😂😂😂

    IshyaBoyBogeIshyaBoyBoge18 시간 전
  • This has got to be one of my top 10 favorite KOfund videos for sure.

    Overclocked5Overclocked518 시간 전
  • 7:54 BEST SCENE sooo FUNNY

    Crazy TigerCrazy Tiger20 시간 전
  • This is my favorite video on youtube

    Michael MoorMichael Moor21 시간 전
  • When pigs fly..

    YAHBloxYAHBlox21 시간 전
  • techno wow how did you beat 3 vs 21

    Zaeem ParakotZaeem Parakot23 시간 전
  • Techno plane and Nestor turret

    Sarah GoodhartSarah Goodhart23 시간 전
  • I know all the KOfundrs in that game

    Hafiz MohammedHafiz Mohammed일 전
  • man that is amazing the last record was 19 and they got 116 that is over 5 times

    AlaricAlaric일 전
  • Their team killed over half of the lobby because of a pig plane

  • Techno must still be going through the adoption process to get that small orphan.... I hear it’s a long process. Cant wait to see his child!

    CoinWaterCoinWater일 전
  • If xnestrio was in mcchampisop, oof

    Knights ProKnights Pro일 전

    BS Gaming08BS Gaming08일 전
  • Imagine turning around and seeing a flying pig with full enchanted diamond Armor

    Ashplayz GamesAshplayz Games일 전
  • Nestor during the video "Shot him,Shot him,Got him!"

    Ashplayz GamesAshplayz Games일 전
  • Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Germany: 23:10

    Microwaved breadMicrowaved bread일 전
  • this was expected cus tecno never dies

    Aashish TripathiAashish Tripathi일 전
  • "Shot em." "Shot em." *"G O T E M"*

    The Blue Phoenix: Captain GamerThe Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer일 전
  • 7:50

    The Blue Phoenix: Captain GamerThe Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer일 전
  • "shotrem, gottem, shottem, gottem..."

    ArjunArjun일 전
  • They said shot him and got him 100000 times

    Ssteven playzSsteven playz일 전
  • Bruh how is he so good

    Caden BMXCaden BMX일 전
  • next video i 3v100 players in minecraft

    Jeffry381Jeffry381일 전
  • When I was a kid my dream was to be the best person in Minecraft * sees Technoblade flying around with his 2 teamates and kill almost everyone and wins* me ohhhhhhhh noooooooo

    Neo Planet 54Neo Planet 54일 전
  • When MRBeast logs in and see the charity and watching The Blade and donated that’s maybe why they won

    Neo Planet 54Neo Planet 54일 전

    ShutboiShutboi일 전
  • Reminder that just 9-8 months ago techno had 2-3 mil now he has 7.5mil subs long live the king

    solarclipssolarclips일 전
  • Me : Mum can I get a ps5 Mum : when pigs fly Technoblade : 11:42

    Cyber PhoenixCyber Phoenix일 전
  • I've watched this about 4 times. And it is good every time.

    Mr PancakesMr Pancakes일 전
  • If you are a German and recognize the German KOfundr.

    Justus JonasJustus Jonas일 전
  • 1:26 *Confuse French peoples noises

    Octo CreepOcto Creep일 전
  • 5:04 motion blur intensifies.

    JooleyJooley일 전
  • Techno where is your child you won you must adopt

    Jeff JamJeff Jam일 전
  • I could hear Nestor by one word- i didnt know he was in before

    Rose FieldzzRose Fieldzz일 전
  • This is the only time where I can say, TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES!

    Dean JagerDean Jager일 전
  • The happy cucumber ultimately blink because battle controversly produce by a alike agreement. tangy, cagey song

    Allison BanksAllison Banks일 전
  • Wait Techno has Friends?

    FifteenBridge 87FifteenBridge 872 일 전
  • Nestor sounds really funny

    ProHexXxProHexXx2 일 전
  • Technoblade,Dream and Purpled

    villain dekuvillain deku2 일 전
  • And thus the technoplane was born

    Turn on Dark ModeTurn on Dark Mode2 일 전
  • as techno kept flyin down on peaple he should have said ac130

    technoboytechnoboy2 일 전
  • Wow you got to play with nestor

    Kairos MarinasKairos Marinas2 일 전
  • The righteous bottle lovely fit because wool spectacularly attend among a material minister. unwieldy, warlike click

    Moo AeaMoo Aea2 일 전
  • The eight taiwan delightfully surround because moustache osmotically attack at a smart basket. jittery, hot huge cardboard

    Shawn Backup TwitterShawn Backup Twitter2 일 전
  • to think only 9 months ago techno had under 3M subs

    ZorbaNoodleZorbaNoodle2 일 전
  • 7:51. Just... 7:51

    Mr MemerMr Memer2 일 전
  • Never gets old lmao haha

    John Mchale Baeza GuasaJohn Mchale Baeza Guasa2 일 전
  • 23:37 frame-perfect denial

    D4R00DD4R00D2 일 전
  • The only thing they fear is you

    Doom SlayerDoom Slayer2 일 전
  • "Technoblade never dies" -a wise man

    Pringles PlaysPringles Plays2 일 전
  • tecnoblade: I am never doing a 20v1 ever ag- dream: too late!

    Wolvzskillz GamingWolvzskillz Gaming2 일 전
  • Not gonna lie the whole time all you heard was," Shot him...Shot him... Shot him."😂

    Kevin TirititeKevin Tiritite2 일 전
  • dued, ur my # 1 youtuber i'v watched all your videos your the best and also thanks for the clean content

    Alexander OrtegaAlexander Ortega2 일 전
  • "Oh theres and person in here lets kill em" -technoblade 2020

    Ridham GovindRidham Govind2 일 전
  • Techno plane

    Matthew TajoneraMatthew Tajonera2 일 전
  • Best Video Ever

    HINYO ProductionsHINYO Productions2 일 전
  • never expected techno to make a bill wurtz reference

    NANI?!NANI?!2 일 전
  • At this moment they new they f***up 7:55

    alex balex b2 일 전
  • Still waiting for that orphan

    Violetkitty 2009Violetkitty 20092 일 전
  • Techno has been seen now in french and german that mann is crazy

    no oneno one2 일 전
  • "Okay, you can sign up, but you need to replace two people." Technoblade, with the strength of 3 people: im in

    • -• -2 일 전

    Louis GOULIERLouis GOULIER3 일 전
  • I was so surprised seeing papaplatte suddenly

    Aurelia ReiprichAurelia Reiprich3 일 전

    ProoklProokl3 일 전
  • Fulfill your promises boys

    TynadoTynado3 일 전
  • Plot Twist: The leaf blower was his pc fan struggling 24/7

    SuperPhoenix14SuperPhoenix143 일 전
  • I was trying to learn to solve a ROBIX cube but I saw this video and had to watch it.

    Edward EllsEdward Ells3 일 전
  • I like how the mere surprise appearance of Technoblade literally caused six-ish players to break ranks and flee in a blind panic

    SirQuiffKuffs of marsbarsSirQuiffKuffs of marsbars3 일 전
  • Next technoblade vs. 100 player

    Jacob JacobJacob Jacob3 일 전
  • Mongol empire at its finest

    StraightStraight3 일 전
  • Men literally took a 3 v 21 and won

    JP TrillanaJP Trillana3 일 전
  • For anyone wondering this is top pick for the search “technoplane”

    Jacob ChandlerJacob Chandler3 일 전
  • Rewatching this and hearing “please subscribe I’m trying to get 3mil” is hilarious seeing him at 7mil now.

    SoupSoup3 일 전
  • *Shotem*

    TynadoTynado3 일 전
  • I think techno should have more subs than he actually does.

    HazardousHazardous3 일 전
  • Cxlvin: “I’ve decided to take on the rest my self-“ Technoblade: “KILL STEAAAAAL”

    IOwnASpoonIOwnASpoon3 일 전
  • I love it how 21 people are nervous of fighting a pig with a crown and 2 pvp bois

    Sebastian SalazarSebastian Salazar3 일 전