[3D Pen]How to Make Ghibli Jiji Cat LED Night Light with 3D PEN

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In today's video you will learn how to draw amazing Jiji cat night light with 3D pen! All you need is a lamp bulb and a 3d pen ! Enjoy watching this video and crafting!

Contact: ying3dart@gmail.com

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  • Love it! I wonder if its possible to make a tucano like this haha

    Eline OliveiraEline Oliveira14 시간 전
  • 9:09 No re turbio

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    • No re turbio

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  • 😮✨😮✨👍💯

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  • hola, donde consigo esa pluma ??

    Dami Gurumis Crochet tendenciasDami Gurumis Crochet tendencias3 일 전
  • BGMなんの曲だろう……

    見つかってもうた見つかってもうた3 일 전
  • i need stl from this :'c

    NigthdakerNigthdaker4 일 전
  • 설마 이런거 아이디어 배껴서 상품으로 출시하는 쓰레기들 없겠지? 진짜 아이디어 좋다ㅠㅠGOOD!GODD!

    나무나무4 일 전
  • great work! this must have taken a few days to make! -cutley gets out 3d pen to make a smaller version of this-

    Sharon KaneSharon Kane5 일 전
  • Totalmente hermosooo💞. Y justo acabo de comprar un lápiz 3D. Ahora sí a practicar 😁

    Paulina RojasPaulina Rojas7 일 전
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    NatáliaNatália8 일 전
  • I never thought of using one of these pens like that. I just thought they ware sort of useless for real projects, like a toy for kids or just a little gadget to have fun with for an afternoon. I love how you work your way up with all the little imperfect squiggly lines through smoothening and sanding into such a refined final product. And it's all quite simple techniques as well, just with a whole lot of dedication behind them.

    E. FreyE. Frey8 일 전
  • I gave this video a like because of how relaxing & satisfying it was.

    blackblack9 일 전
  • This makes me think of a spider spinning a web but instead of catching bugs i's art. This is so cool!

    Ariella RoseAriella Rose9 일 전
  • What's the background sound name?

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  • You are incredibly talented girl like wtf 😍😍

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  • videos like this without music?? anyone knows?

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  • Hi dear good job keep it up.please tell me whats this plastic smoothing equipment name and where can i buy it

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  • Vou comprar uma caneta 3d digitalizadora .

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  • Desde tudo Agora tudo isso é real.

    RedDockingRedDocking18 일 전
  • Vou comprar uma caneta 3d digitalizadora.

    RedDocking -.RedDocking -.18 일 전
  • Agora tudo isso é real.

    RedDocking -.RedDocking -.18 일 전
  • A lot of effort and an amazing result.

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  • Ggzgj4z z55t[[[[f

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  • Simply beautiful. It inspired me to use a 3dpen too.thank you

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  • I feel like a worm. I make things so good, but this is so impossible... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

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    • But I don't have 3D pen

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  • You Did A Great Job!

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  • 26:54

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  • This is so amazing! Can't believe it can be done at home with such instruments. It's a great work and I really like it

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    • Oops sorry I thought you were korean Thank you for answering

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    • LED light is OK : D

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  • My eyes: Looks easy should I do it? My brain: Why not? My hands: Nah mate, you overestimate me.

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  • Great art. However considering the lamp heat and how close it is to the butt, won't it get burned and have discoloration soon?

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  • *me having a 3D pen* My brain: aright simple enough let’s let this human try this! My eyes: ehhh I’m not so sure.... My mouth: simple enough human can definitely do this My eyes: guys you can’t even see what the process how can you tell it’s simple My brain: it can’t be that hard come on My hands: ...... Also really nice work! The cat looks amazing! I can never do this ;w;

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  • OMG THIS IS WONDERFUL. Also i have a question if its oki. How much time does it take for the pencil to dry like do you wait a several time after everytime you used the pencil or is it dries instanly?

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