2000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]

2020. 12. 19.
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This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor
Minecraft Hardcore Mode is the HARDEST version of Minecraft without a doubt. Creepers spawn more often. Skeleton arrows do more damage. And Zombies can call upon the horde. Most notably of all though, if you die in Hardcore Minecraft, you die forever. Your world is deleted. *Minecraft theme plays at MAX VOLUME*
Please do not re-upload any of this content
C418 - Minecraft
Daniel Rosenfeld

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Thumbnail Art - Maeder
Editor - Tors
0:00 Introduction - Sub to LTN
0:22 Day 1000-1100
13:40 Day 1100-1200
24:16 Day 1200-1300
35:52 Day 1300-1400
47:31 Day 1400-1500
1:00:31 Day 1500-1600
1:07:32 Day 1600-1700
1:20:49 Day 1700-1800
1:32:22 Day 1800-1900
1:45:13 Day 1900-2000

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    Luke TheNotableLuke TheNotable4 개월 전
    • @sleep why?

      Maureen NarineMaureen Narine11 일 전
    • Btw respawn anchors are used in the nether and respawn u but ur in hardcore so there’s no point

      NightFall _NightFall _26 일 전
    • 😮😮😮😮

      Bryan BrunowBryan Brunow개월 전
    • 200 days tors!!

      Strikesnipe5146Strikesnipe5146개월 전
    • @sleep r

      Jayden PerezJayden Perez개월 전

    Malte Kildehave hansenMalte Kildehave hansen38 분 전
  • I love you luke even I cant go that far to 2000 days I can only go to 100 days

    Oanh TranOanh Tran45 분 전
  • Make a 3000 days

    Joshua Van Den HeeverJoshua Van Den Heever시간 전
  • 3k dyas revanpe

    Unkillable GamingUnkillable Gaming시간 전
  • wowpak gm

    robin Naibahorobin Naibaho2 시간 전
  • Wow 1M

    Pak gmPak gm2 시간 전
  • Luke: kinda tickled His health: half of it gone Me: yea right

    Lukas BujokasLukas Bujokas2 시간 전
  • When i use a respawn anchor in the overworld........... Respawn anchor: ding ding dong ding.......Casually blew up.

    Madeleine Mary PurbaMadeleine Mary Purba3 시간 전
  • Mhm

    Lara OsmondLara Osmond4 시간 전
    • hmh

      Nikola RadisavljevićNikola Radisavljević4 시간 전
  • 1:04:19 yeaaaa boiiii

    TheSheepLordTheSheepLord5 시간 전
  • 3000

    Mad KEN GamingMad KEN Gaming5 시간 전
  • The best spot for netherite is Y-16 there is alot of it

    Mikhail RomanovMikhail Romanov5 시간 전
  • Maybe 10000 days just maybe

    hiper laptophiper laptop7 시간 전
  • 3000

    King1946 BossKing1946 Boss7 시간 전
    • Anybody likes this comment you are awesome!😉

      King1946 BossKing1946 Boss4 시간 전
  • why go to creative mode that sounds cheating but its fine

    Xylenn Tiffanie Kusuma�Xylenn Tiffanie Kusuma�7 시간 전
    • Seriously😐

      King1946 BossKing1946 Boss4 시간 전
    • This video is incredible butt went in creative

      King1946 BossKing1946 Boss4 시간 전
    • he went to creative in a different world

      Skyler JiSkyler Ji7 시간 전
  • 0:12 makes you sound smug af

    Nasir AbusinNasir Abusin8 시간 전
  • Do some 3000 days

    Helen BulalahosHelen Bulalahos8 시간 전
  • 3000

    Haziq Izzat AzharHaziq Izzat Azhar9 시간 전
  • f

    seanardrich coseanardrich co9 시간 전
  • Are you going to breake philzas record in hardcore?

    UGNIUS ZapolskasUGNIUS Zapolskas9 시간 전
    • Hmm yes you can spell correctly

      Hanson IrvingHanson Irving7 시간 전
  • Problematic vines on house + half slab over door = problem solved :)

    Saphie's FelicitySaphie's Felicity10 시간 전
  • 1020000 Likes In 3000 Days In Minecraft 1.17

    Lina MartinezLina Martinez11 시간 전
  • 1:29:40 omg I really hoped you mined those emeralds

    Shivi ShrivastavaShivi Shrivastava11 시간 전
  • Di- did- did i just see a floating torch.... impossible, they dont know i found a floating torch.. impossible

    SkellySkelly11 시간 전
  • Luke if you want to make the villagers leave their houses you have to break the beds in the villager breeder

    Warren GamezWarren Gamez12 시간 전
  • 35:52

    Rasani PryceRasani Pryce12 시간 전
  • Since your dad works for Minecraft tell him to give me my own skin and Kate

    Ethan SimpsonEthan Simpson12 시간 전
  • you should make a netherite block for the throne cushion

    Gareth EvansGareth Evans13 시간 전
  • do 3000 days

    Arkd DeshaneArkd Deshane13 시간 전
  • There's a video in my ads

    Razzan NaufalRazzan Naufal13 시간 전
  • "Youre a Big girl" *all the boys: never knew*

    •MusicDragon••MusicDragon•14 시간 전
  • 1:12:22 some people say he never caught him 🤣

    Samuel CaldwellSamuel Caldwell15 시간 전
  • wow

    Antoneika LivertAntoneika Livert15 시간 전
  • English captions, please? KOfund: Oh s***, here we go again... [no meme] NAHHHHHHhhhhh!

    Nathan VoNathan Vo15 시간 전
  • 1:58:01 tress

    Ki11XKi11X15 시간 전
  • Please do 10000

    Keon KinardKeon Kinard16 시간 전
  • I’m an independent woman and done need no man

    Alpha SallAlpha Sall16 시간 전
  • Who just cant stop waching this vid? Cuz i wacht it like 4 times a day lol

    Jose CasasJose Casas16 시간 전
    • @Ben Bentz yeah lol

      Jose CasasJose Casas15 시간 전
    • Bro you have an addiction.

      Ben BentzBen Bentz15 시간 전
  • OMG this is cool!

    MyGames CyouMyGames Cyou16 시간 전
  • Noooo the saddle chest

    Nicole BoucherNicole Boucher17 시간 전
  • Do I hear 3000 days

    Collin GarrettCollin Garrett17 시간 전
    • Yes

      Shotgun BonnieShotgun Bonnie16 시간 전
  • 11:58 LTN: "I like those odds"

    Afurgod 8Afurgod 817 시간 전
  • My moms dead 😔

    Leon AwadagiusLeon Awadagius18 시간 전
    • @Angel Landes its KOfund, and a Minecraft video. You think it is 1 necessary for us to know his mother is dead especially since it is a Minecraft video. and then 2 There is very large chance this is fake and this person just wants sympathy from other people. If they're telling the truth, yes, I feel sorry for them, but it's the internet, nobody holds back, or cares about peoples personal life. (at least this isn't on twitter)

      FantasyFantasy48 분 전
    • @Angel Landes well, no one cares about his personal life, it’s the internet, and yeah

      Sergeant Forge MainSergeant Forge Main14 시간 전
    • @Angel Landes and thx

      Leon AwadagiusLeon Awadagius16 시간 전
    • @Sergeant Forge Main stop being mean!!!!!

      Angel LandesAngel Landes16 시간 전
    • @Fahim Jabril you mean 😒

      Angel LandesAngel Landes16 시간 전
  • "Yes there were infections but none died" are we just gonna ignore the zombies.

    kaix27xfoxkaix27xfox19 시간 전
  • What if u get 4 glass for 1 emerald form Librarian, make glass panes and sell it to the Cartographers for infinite profits ?

    KurwaCoJaRobie_jpgKurwaCoJaRobie_jpg19 시간 전
    • Uh

      AmmonatorAmmonator12 시간 전
  • Can you do 3000 days

    nathan ho trainnathan ho train19 시간 전
    • Can you get sum patience

      Soviet DoggoSoviet Doggo19 시간 전
  • are u doing 300

    Fortify trainer BradyFortify trainer Brady19 시간 전
    • @Soviet Doggo ok

      Shoduko.Shoduko.18 시간 전
    • @Shoduko. he is

      Soviet DoggoSoviet Doggo19 시간 전
    • I think he is

      Shoduko.Shoduko.19 시간 전
  • Where 3000

    Anthony QuachAnthony Quach20 시간 전
    • Not done

      Shoduko.Shoduko.19 시간 전
    • its. not. done. :D

      AzzozAzzoz19 시간 전

    Blue BobBlue Bob20 시간 전
  • u are not in 1B subs that title 1B subs u are

    Awesome VideosAwesome Videos20 시간 전
    • Yeah it was a joke

      Blue BobBlue Bob20 시간 전
    • @Gem_s yeah probably

      Blue BobBlue Bob20 시간 전
    • did you have a stroke

      Gem_sGem_s20 시간 전
  • Another reason for 3000 days is a netherite and diamond beacon

  • 1:33:24 wait what did you say?

    Dahom SindiDahom Sindi21 시간 전
  • 49:09 roblox oof sfx

    benja98benja9822 시간 전
  • “Remember to kill the children; they are the future.”

    MultiCreeperMultiCreeper22 시간 전
  • I like how he did a long day of paddling

    Vanessa CortesVanessa Cortes22 시간 전
  • What

    Advantage GamingAdvantage Gaming23 시간 전
    • 4 minutes ago i believe

      ZynkZynk23 시간 전
  • Ok f

    HelloHello23 시간 전
  • Did he literally ignore the skull painting?

    shut upshut up일 전
  • Hey LTN! Can you play Ultra Hardcore sometime? It is the hardest gamemode. You cant regain health by ett food. Only With gapples and potions

    Jocke FfJocke Ff일 전
    • @Fortify trainer Brady I dont think it is a mod you just have to play hardcore and turn off regenerate health

      Jocke FfJocke Ff19 시간 전
    • thats a mod tho

      Fortify trainer BradyFortify trainer Brady22 시간 전
  • Legends say if you make it to 2000 days in Minecraft hardcore then you are better at Minecraft then Mojang.

    JustJackyyJustJackyy일 전
  • Nothing what the up you can only do it in the never if you do in the over world without trapdoor over it it will explode

    Megan S Po ArksMegan S Po Arks일 전
  • Me said f then I think why did I say f

    Connor HathcockConnor Hathcock일 전
  • nobody: Luke TheNotable: 34:08

    zannystuffzannystuff일 전
  • Riptide trident

    blaine syfertblaine syfert일 전
  • Your a god luke

    hacker627 hsuhacker627 hsu일 전
  • Do 4000 days

    Luka RapLuka Rap일 전

      Dahom SindiDahom Sindi21 시간 전
  • You need hero of the village

    ZaziomanZazioman일 전
  • Ive been plauimv on my world for a ywr and hes built more things than me and i dont have a beacon becayse im scared of wither skelton

    Elau Zubabn8Elau Zubabn8일 전
  • I tpo have 1 billion subscribers

    Samuel MorrisonSamuel Morrison일 전
  • even if u have many money it still dont save you on accident or if you in hell.

    Lawrence GranfielLawrence Granfiel일 전
    • Stfu kid, you do gacha life videos and most of your videos has more dislikes then likes

      Matiaz AnimatesMatiaz Animates19 시간 전
    • I had a stroke reading that comment

      Sebastián BernardSebastián Bernard20 시간 전
    • Why does that matter to people watching a minecraft video ? @lawrence granfiel

      Ethan SimpsonEthan Simpson21 시간 전
    • @Lawrence Granfiel r/young people youtube

      Soviet DoggoSoviet Doggo23 시간 전
    • @Abinandan Sharma Dahal you dont even have a sub hahahahaha underrated disliked all your video i just trying a kid grammar btw

      Lawrence GranfielLawrence Granfiel일 전
  • when is 3000

    shrishanth brahmavarashrishanth brahmavara일 전
    • @Brecht Meijers so 1 and a half years?

      Dahom SindiDahom Sindi21 시간 전
    • 1000 days later xD

      Brecht MeijersBrecht Meijers일 전
    • Luke sayed next Christmas

      Riley NealRiley Neal일 전
  • 1018500 Likes In 3000 Days In Minecraft 1.17

    Lina MartinezLina Martinez일 전
  • Guys we have a problem so there are 38 million views but for some reason he only has around. 4 million that’s a big problem

    Br1qn row br0wn3Br1qn row br0wn3일 전
  • When is 3000

    Randy's lifeRandy's life일 전
  • So you have burned animals, and villagers alive. But iron GOLEMS, now that's troubling.

    boyd stallingsboyd stallings일 전
  • Man risked is whole 2000 Minecraft hardcore world just to go camping

    SadMan 69SadMan 69일 전
  • You should do 3000 days inn try to get one 4 stacks of diamond blocks and one stack of never blocks it’s hard I think you could do it

    Angelina TravisAngelina Travis일 전
    • Yesss

      Shoduko.Shoduko.일 전
  • 10,000 days or a new world pleaseev:)

    Trenton BrunoTrenton Bruno일 전
  • Lots of people want 200 hundred days in Minecraft with Toris including me and he is doing everything but it and I think I know why with hardcore and super flat he just has to survive but with toris he doesn’t have that luxury and instead has to actually make content

    The BrucintorThe Brucintor일 전
  • he had to play for 100 real life days to make the vid lmao

    Tank manTank man일 전
  • Plz continue

  • Hey Luke, if you're reading this, it's a shame you tried to pull off a Finebros type sh*t. I really liked your content and you as a person. For those of you who still don't know, Luke's ego spiked as his popularity did and he started sending DMs to other youtubers threatening to pursue legal action if they used his trend: "COPYRIGHT and RIGHTS Please do not re-upload any of this content Please contact me for permission to create '100 Days' Contact here - 'lukethegreedyselfish@hotmail.com' Please shoutout on screen if you do make 100 Days PLEASE DO NOT USE MY TITLING FORMAT Thank you!" Really Luke? Do you not know what happened to the Finebros when they tried doing this? I know you already apologized on Twitter, but until you make a video apologizing directly to all the content creators you affected and upload it to the platform where this behavior of yours was most relevant, don't expect to regain much sympathy or trust again from a portion of your fanbase. - Sincerely, a concerned fan who has watched the entire Hardcore series.

    Mario BrosixtyfourMario Brosixtyfour일 전
    • That was like 7 months ago, get over it, and he already apologized

      Matiaz AnimatesMatiaz Animates19 시간 전
    • @123calli I don't care honestly, I was just answering a comment saying that people are "stealing his content", which is stupid

      Hugo CanotHugo Canot일 전
    • @Hugo Canot get over it ffs

      123calli123calli일 전
    • The people who liked this comment missed the dislike button

      Red Rebel FilmsRed Rebel Films일 전
    • @RoosterRox Gaming The concept of "100 days spent in Minecraft" is way too simple to be considered something he invented, tons of other youtubers have had the same idea. It's like Finebros, they didn't invented reaction videos and they should not get credit for everyone doing reaction videos, that wouldn't make sense.

      Hugo CanotHugo Canot일 전
  • Isn't he just the richest guy in this game?

    Free Comic BooksFree Comic Books일 전
    • ph1lza hardcore s2

      *insert random name**insert random name*일 전
    • Grian hermit craft season 7

      Minecraft ManMinecraft Man일 전
  • Jeez people r still commenting

    Mr. BrickMr. Brick일 전
    • yup

      LiquiemLiquiem일 전
  • make a baby MAKE A BABY !

    andra muhammadandra muhammad일 전
  • you didnt. You apsolute lad I cheack just now, lol no fucking whay

    F-NIXF-NIX일 전
    • way*

      ChinarPlayz Roblox&MinecraftChinarPlayz Roblox&Minecraft일 전
  • please do 3000 days and 4000 days pleaaaase

    Axel LaurentAxel Laurent일 전
  • 3000 days

    Jac JacJac Jac일 전
    • November 2021

      Soviet DoggoSoviet Doggo23 시간 전
    • 3k days prob feb 2022

      dogecausedogedogecausedoge일 전
  • We want 3.000 daya

    ΓιώργοςΓιώργος일 전
  • Nobody: The USA: 22:40

    The Ironic Anmie GirlThe Ironic Anmie Girl일 전
  • Even though he built all sorts of cool new structures, he tore down and slaughtered many of his animals.

    YellowNote89YellowNote89일 전
  • I was literally lmao during this hole vid

    crainer fan77crainer fan77일 전
  • Where da 3000 days

    strategy rabbitstrategy rabbit일 전
    • November 2021

      Soviet DoggoSoviet Doggo23 시간 전
    • It's not going to be here for months

      WOLF100 the LEGENDWOLF100 the LEGEND일 전
  • c'mon. we've been waiting for 3000 days!!!

    YellowNote89YellowNote89일 전
    • thx

      YellowNote89YellowNote8920 시간 전
    • November 2021

      Soviet DoggoSoviet Doggo23 시간 전
  • Seed !

    esmath572esmath572일 전
    • In the desc

      Soviet DoggoSoviet Doggo23 시간 전
  • “I have plans for them,JUST YOU WAIT AHAH” Luke TheNotable-2020

    Angel :3Angel :3일 전
  • "Weeeeeeee!!!" TS: 1:00:45

    BitOSaltBitOSalt일 전
  • When will 3000 days start

    Notloc720Notloc720일 전
  • the "60" days without sound was actually 68 days

    Zachary WestrickZachary Westrick일 전